Tesla roadster

Tesla Roadster: watch out the stunning electric performer from Tesla

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Tesla roadster commencing in 2020:

Tesla, the electric car company, is unveiling record-breaking production cars. The newest entrant is the Tesla Roadster. Tesla Roadster is a really stunning car having mind-blowing performance and design. So from the design point of view, it’s really a head-turner.

The roadster is quickest car in the world with 0-60 mph in just 1.9 seconds. The car has a top speed of 250 mph. However, the quickest car in the world is not only the quickest but also has an unbelievable range of 620 miles.

Tesla roadster design and performance:

Tesla is equally known for its efficient aerodynamics. In roadster, the Tesla engineers have rethought about aero efficiency, taking it to an all new level. From the exterior, it looks really stunning and aero efficient. The clear lines across its length reduce the drag. They also help to gain speed with minimal air resistance.

Tesla roadster glass roof
Tesla roadster glass roof

The glass roof is lightweight and removable. As a result, you can also store it in the trunk to get the feel of the convertible. Thus, you will get the open-air driving experience.

Furthermore, The roadster interiors are sophisticatedly built without compromising the quality. One more most noteworthy thing about Tesla roadster is its seating capacity. Although being a Roadster, it is four-seater. Generally, all roadsters have the seating capacity of two but Tesla Roadster is an exception as always.

Tesla roadster interiors
Tesla roadster interiors

As we already told you roadster is the stunning performer and really it is. It can go from 0-100 mph in meager 4.2 seconds. The car has 3 motors and it is an all wheel drive too. Consequently, the roadster produces 10000 Nm of Torque.

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