Tesla semi truck is here and it is just amazing!

Tesla semi truck

Tesla Semi Truck:

Tesla Inc. is the world’s first company that forays into electric cars. It also brought electric cars into the mainstream automotive market. The company is bringing incredible technological advancement not only for cars but also for trucks. Elon Musk the founder of Tesla recently unveiled Tesla semi truck and it looks completely badass.

Tesla semi truck side view
Tesla semi truck side view

The Tesla semi truck is an all-electric semi-trailer truck. The truck has a range of 805kms on one charge as per initial announcement. In addition to new batteries, it can run up to 640kms with 80% charge in 30 minutes.

Tesla Semi Truck performance and technology:

The performance of new Tesla semi is class apart. The truck can go from 0-60mps in just 20 seconds with 80k lbs. It can achieve the speed of 60 mph at 5% elevation. Four independent motors give the immense power required to pull the load. The energy efficiency of the motors is high. Tesla assures the truck will consume less than 2 kWh/mile.

The truck is also equipped with an advanced traction control system so, you are in full control. The aerodynamics of the truck is carefully crafted to achieve maximum efficiency. The drag coefficient of the Semi is 0.36. As a result, the Tesla semi truck has less resistance from air; ultimately increasing its efficiency and range.

Tesla Semi Truck Variants and Range:

Tesla is offering two variants with two different ranges. The expected base price for 300-mile range semi truck is $150,000 and the 500-mile range is $180,000. The company initially offered base reservation at $5,000 and later substantially increase the base reservation price to $20,000. The company is offering warranty for one million miles.

The Tesla semi truck is also equipped with Tesla Autopilot as the standard feature. The autopilot helps to drive the truck semi-autonomously on Highways. Emergency braking system and lane keeping assistance help to drive safely on road. The system also warns the driver about potential hazards. These active safety systems enable additional safety.

Furthermore, in future, the individual units with autopilot can drive as a convoy with the Human driver in first truck; significantly reduce the cost of operation. This vision needs lots of changes in the laws and bit difficult to introduce. But, as a technology evolves it will become a reality.

Tesla Semi Truck Interiors:

Tesla redesigned the cabin of the Semi Truck. Here, two separate screens replace the traditional dashboard. Tesla also relocated the driver seat towards center as compared to its position in the traditional truck cabin. It removed the sleeping area completely while accommodated the extra passenger by a removable jump seat.

Tesla semi truck Interiors
Tesla semi truck Interiors

The windshield is explosion-proof and allows more visibility with greater control. The center of gravity of the truck is low. As a result, the truck adds the protection from rollover.

In addition, Tesla semi truck ownership cost is less compared to traditional diesel trucks. The company claims $2,00,000 in fuel savings when you switch to electric. So, the payback period is reduced to almost two years.

In conclusion, Tesla is racing ahead in electric transportation technology replacing its traditional counterparts. We are very sure Tesla will change the way we travel and transport goods in near future.

Watch Tesla Semi Truck unveiling:

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