Manta5 hydrofoil bike: now cycle on water with ease.

Manta5 hydrofoil bike

Manta5 the world’s first Aqua Bicycle.

Manat5 is New Zealand based Bicycle manufacturer. The Manta5 is not an ordinary Bicycle manufacturer. This company manufacturers cycles that can be also paddled on water. Yes, you have read it right. Manta5 hydrofoil bike literally transforms the way we cycle. It’s a revolution in cycling.

Manta5 hydrofoil bike side view
Manta5 hydrofoil bike side view

The man behind Manta5 is Guy Howard-Willis. He has an immense passion for cycling and water sports. New Zealand has some of the most scenic coastlines and inland waterways. Guy is an avid cyclist. He dreamed a lot about cycling on water.

He made his dream a reality starting since 2010. It’s the year when hydrofoils just introduced in American cup and it revolutionized the sailing forever. So Guy was fascinated with the concept. He met Roland Alonzo, the bicycle designer with love for cutting-edge technology. For next six years they kept on experimenting. And finally, they took the ordinary bicycle to a whole new level.

Salient Features of Manta5 hydrofoil bike:

Manta5 replicates bicycling experience from land to water. You can simply cycle on any body of water. Let it be lake, river, or an ocean. You can also change from manual mode to paddle assist.  The 400 W motor gives the boost when you need it the most.

The hydrofoil reduces the drag drastically. Hence, you can simply cut through currents in the water. The front tiller section of the Manta5 hydrofoil bike helps in rough ocean water. So, tillers simply carve down steep ocean swells. The modular design of Manta5 helps in quicker assembly and transport.

Technology behind Manta5 hydrofoil bike:

The main components of Manta5 are the hydrofoils and propeller.  The hydrofoils and propeller are purely made of carbon fibre. Maneuverability and stability can be easily achieved using carbon fibre.

Manta5 hydrofoil bike paddling
Manta5 hydrofoil bike paddling

In addition, the Hoerner tip design minimizes drag and increases effective wingspan. The carbon fibre nylon propeller creats the perfect balance. The propeller produces thrust at low speeds while reducing drag at top speed. The assembling and disassembling is very easy with two Allen-key bolts.

The Manta5 is also equipped with state of the art Lithium Battery producing 400W. The company rigorously tested the battery so as to sustain harsh marine environment. The recharging is also convenient which is on the standard power outlet. The motor is reliable, durable and quietest in its class.

Furthermore, in one charge, the paddle assist can work for an hour with 85kg rider. The waterproofing technology makes it safe to use in fresh as well as salt water. The indicators on battery housing help the rider to decide speed and ride time. The indicators display riding mode, flight level, and battery status. The battery also gets protection from overcharging, overheating and excess voltage. The modular design also comes with cost-effective upgrades. The riders can select from new buoyancy modules, motors, foil combinations, new propellers and battery packs.

In conclusion, the new kind of cycling will be simply marvelous and never seen before. The dream of cycling on water does not realize without passion. We thank Manta5 Team for changing the way we use the bicycle.

Watch Manta5 Hydrofoil bike in action:

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