How Bosch Mechatronic front wiper system works?

Bosch Mechatronic front wiper system

Front wiper system working explained:

Bosch, the German engineering and electronics company, is manufacturing automotive components since 1886. The company is manufacturing state of the art automotive components. The ongoing research in every component they make results in world-class products with high quality and durability. The Bosch Mechatronic front wiper system is a result of hard work and patience.

The front wiper systems enable driving in rains. Wipers help to increase the visibility and avoid accidents. Bosch is manufacturing and supplying wipers to automotive industry since 1926. The company has 90 years of experience in wiper technology. Bosch made significant advancement in wiper technology since then.

Traditional wiper system vs Bosch Mechatronic front wiper system.

Traditional wiper system
Traditional wiper system

Traditionally wiper system works on the rotary system. Bosch designed a new type of system called mechatronic reversing system. This new system results in a lot of weight reduction. Bosch removed three components from traditional system tube, one connection link and one of the pivot housing.

In the new system, the wiper arm moves directly between the driver and another side with simple kinematics.  The intelligent control strategy helps to take on high environmental loads such as very heavy rains. As a result, the new system achieves weight reduction of about 1.3 kg. The weight reduction also adds space of almost 1.5l in engine partition.

The traditional system also uses complex wiring and relays. In the new system, they are no more required hence 0.3kg in weight reduction.  The mechanical solution for snow load protection and extended parking position are also no longer needed further reducing the weight of 0.8kg.

As a result, the new system now weighs only 2.4kg. The weight reduction to such an extent increases the total efficiency as well as helps in reducing emission.  This weight reduction has profound impacts as Bosch wiper systems are utilized worldwide on a large number of vehicles.

Mechatronic reversing system
Mechatronic reversing system

Windshield cleaning with Jet wiper by Bosch.

The weight reduction is not only the aim. Bosch also improved how it cleans the windshield through the spray nozzles. Traditionally, spray nozzles placed on the bonnet of the vehicle spray water on windshield and wipers used to wipe the windshield. This system has two problems.

First of all, the entire nozzle at longer distance created mist. The mist may compromise safety as it reduces visibility. Secondly, it requires lots of water to clean the windshield. In the new system, the Bosch jet wiper sprays the water only where it needs. The Jets are attached to wiper blade and water is sprayed just in front of the wiper blade.

The location of the spray nozzle in wiper arm increase the cleaning, reduces mist generation and improves safety. The expanded field of vision helps to increase visibility. This new system also reduces water consumption up to 1 lit compared to the traditional system. Thus the additional reduction in the volume of the water tank is achievable result in a weight reduction of 1kg. Hence total weight reduction of 3.4 kg is possible compared to the traditional system.

In conclusion, Bosch has achieved the milestone just by changing the way wiper works and the way water jet delivers the water to the windshield. We have no doubt Bosch will continue as a leader in technology when it comes to automotive components.

Watch Bosch mechatronic front wiper system in action:

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