Volvo polestar 1

Volvo polestar 1: the next generation hybrid car from Volvo

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Volvo Polestar 1: The New Age hybrid Car

Volvo is Swedish automotive manufacturer since 1927. With the uprising of electric cars, Volvo is clearly focussing on the segment with the new brand called Polestar. From 2017, Polestar is separately branded electric car company. The first car in the series is named Volvo Polestar 1.

Volvo polestar 1 Top View
Volvo Polestar 1 Top View

Polestar 1 is Volvo’s first car from Polestar brand which is a hybrid. All subsequent cars Polestar 2 and 3 will be pure electric cars. Polestar 1 is intentionally manufactured as a hybrid as it connects current infrastructure situation with future. Currently, electric charging stations are not available throughout the world.

In addition, Volvo will manufacture the Polestar 1 from mid-2019. Polestar 1 is two-by-two seater Grand Tourer coupe. The car features an electric performance hybrid drivetrain. Volvo built an entirely new scalable platform architecture called SPA. The entire car body is of Carbon Fibre. As a result, it substantially reduces the body weight by 230 kg while this reduction in weight also results in an increase of torsional stiffness of 45%. Hence, the car will be better in handling, driveability, and performance.

Path-breaking technology in Volvo Polestar 1:

Polestar is implementing new technology never seen before. The introduction of double electric rear axles, planetary gears, and torque vectoring feature. Both will result in separating the power from each electric rear motor while driving through corners.

Traditionally, traction control system applies brakes on the inner rear wheel, slowing the car down around corners. So, in case of Ppoletstar 1, you can move swiftly around corners at fast speeds with this technological advancement.

Volvo polestar 1 Drive train
Volvo Polestar 1 Drivetrain

Furthermore, the important upgrade is in the suspension department. The car is fitted with state of the art chassis with all new Ohlins Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension (CESi). Each individual Ohlins shock absorber comes with an electronic valve. This valve continuously monitors the drive terrain and driver inputs; reacting in two milliseconds to change the ride characters as per demands.

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