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How The Lane Departure Warning System Can Help to Prevent an Accident?

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Lane Departure Warning System Working Explained:

Lane Departure Warning is a driver assistance system or an active safety system. It alerts the driver if the vehicle tends to depart the lane unintentionally. To do so, this system keeps track of the lane markings on the road.

Continuous driving for long hours may lead to the loss of driver concentration and driver drowsiness. In such a case, the vehicle may drift from its lane. Thus, increasing the chances of collision with the vehicle in the adjacent lane. This motion, being totally unintentional, could be avoided if the driver is alerted at that particular moment. This is the sole purpose of developing the Lane-Departure-Warning system.

Working of Lane Departure Warning:

Components of LDW
Components of Lane Departure Warning (Courtesy: Nissan Motor Corporation)

This system works with the help of a camera. It is positioned on the windscreen of the vehicle at the height of the rearview mirror. It continuously monitors the lane markings on the road ahead. The system then determines the position of the vehicle with respect to the lane. If it finds that the vehicle is crossing the lanes unintentionally, then the system warns the driver immediately in the form of an audio-visual signal via the digital dashboard and steering wheel shake. This indication alerts the driver again so that he/she can countersteer. Thus, the driver can avoid any unwanted consequences of the lane change.

working of LDW
Working of Lane Departure Warning (Courtesy: Mazda)

Furthermore, the Lane-Departure-Warning on a BMW vehicle can register the lane markings up to a distance of 50m ahead of the vehicle. The system activates automatically after the vehicle attains a speed of 70kmph. Some Lane Departure Warning systems allow the driver to set the activation speed of their choice.

In addition, the system does not issue the Lane Departure Warning if the manoeuvre is intentional such as the one which is accompanied by switching on the side indicator.


However, some manufacturers claim that the system may not function properly on the road with curves or bends or the visibility is poor.

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