How Rear Vehicle Monitoring Works And It Can Prevent Accidents?


What is Rear Vehicle Monitoring system?

As the name suggests, the Rear Vehicle Monitoring system is an active safety system or a driver assistance system. Mazda Corporation developed it and employes on Mazda cars since the year 2008. This system keeps a check on the vehicles approaching from behind. It also warns the driver if any one of them is about to collide while changing the lanes.

Working of Rear Vehicle Monitoring system:

This system uses a quasi-milliwave radar mounted on the rear bumper of the vehicle. This radar measures the distance of cars approaching from behind. While taking a turn there is a possibility that the driver may not see the vehicle coming from behind. He/She may even misjudge the speed of that vehicle leading to a collision at the end.

Working of Rear Vehicle Monitoring
Working of Rear Vehicle Monitoring (Courtesy: Mazda Motor Corporation)

Also, many times, the car’s normal rear-view mirror does not show the car travelling in the next lane to the driver. This is because the vehicle approaching from behind temporarily disappears in the car’s ‘blind-spot‘ zone. Thus, for some split seconds, the driver cannot see the approaching vehicle through the rear-view mirror. This is a potentially dangerous situation which can cause a crash.

To avoid such situations, Rear-Vehicle-Monitoring system continuously monitors the traffic behind. It also alerts the driver in the form of an audio-visual signal that appears in the instrument cluster and on the Rear View Mirror.

RVM range
Range of RVM (Courtesy: Mazda Motor Corporation)

The 24GHz radar of the RVM system has a wide range. It works equally well in the tough weather conditions. However, the system on the latest Mazda vehicles is capable to work on the vehicle speeds as low as 15kmph. Thus, it improvises the driver’s ability to detect the vehicles that quickly change the lane and come closer from behind. Since the driver is able to detect the vehicle in less time, eventually, this will help in avoiding the unwanted collisions.

See Rear Vehicle Monitoring system in action here:

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