What is an asymmetric tyre and what are its benefits?


Asymmetric tyre meaning and working explained

An asymmetric tyre is a tire having an asymmetric pattern of tread in contrast to ordinary tires having the symmetric tread pattern. The asymmetric tires are high-performance tires. So, they usually find the application on sports and luxury sedans, coupes & SUVs. However, nowadays, asymmetric tires are gaining rapid popularity even among the small vehicle segment.

Working of asymmetric tyre:

asymmetric tyre section
Typical section of asymmetric tyres

Asymmetric tyres are designed to perform better on both the dry and wet road conditions. Thus, it combines two different tread patterns that can cater to the specific requirements of dry and wet road surfaces. In asymmetric tires, the outer portion of the tread pattern has large blocks while the inner portion has relatively small blocks.

furthermore, the outer portion takes care of the cornering forces and maintains a firm grip on dry surfaces. Thus, vehicle handling is improved significantly. On the other hand, the inner portion manages to remove water from the tire surface thereby avoiding the risk of slipping on the wet surface. In addition, it also maintains grip while the vehicle moves forward in a straight direction.

Merits of asymmetric tyre:

  1. This tire offers better handling and road holding.
  2. Additionally, it improves safety on dry as well as wet road conditions.
  3. Besides, it reduces the risk of aquaplaning.
  4. Tire manufacturers claim that asymmetric tires improve fuel economy.

Demerits of asymmetric tyre:

  1. It is costly.
  2. Fitment of asymmetric tires is critical as inner and outer sides of tread are different.

Who manufactures the asymmetric tire?

Almost all the reputed tire manufacturers have special series for asymmetric tyres. Pirelli Scorpion Zero XL asymmetric, Michelin Pilot Sport 3, Goodyear Excellence, MRF Wanderer Sport are some of the examples of asymmetric tire series by respective manufacturers.

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