Lynk Co 01: A Sharable SUV…? Yes, meet Lynk Co 01

Lynk & Co. 01

Lynk Co 01: A futuristic sharable vehicle!

New age start-ups and brands are revolutionizing the way we use cars. A start-up, Lync & Co., recently showcased an all new platform for its SUV called Lynk Co 01. Lync & Co. is backed by the Swedish automaker Volvo. Both the companies are sharing this technology and developing a new platform for Vehicle to Vehicle communication.

With Lynk Co 01: Share a car, Don’t Own it…!

Lync & Co. is now focusing on a unique concept which will eliminate the need of owning a car. The 01 SUV is also based on the same concept. The fleet owner or manufacturer will own the car and will then rent it to its users. In case of Lynk, you can either buy a car or lease it or just borrow it without even booking. So, just use the car and forget about it….!

Also, servicing and maintenance is none of user’s business anymore as Lynk & Co. will deal with it. All you need is your smartphone. The company will collect the car, maintain it & drop it to your location and also provide a replacement car if necessary.

Lynk Co 01
Lynk Co 01 SUV Digital Key (Courtesy: Lynk & CO)

This SUV is equipped with electronic locks with which it can open a lot of opportunities for third parties and also create new business ideas. Furthermore, this platform can adapt to other platforms easily so as to integrate their services.

How will this SUV work?

lynk Co 01 dashboard
Dashboard of Lynk Co 01 SUV (Courtesy: Lynk & CO)

This SUV works with the help of a smartphone. It has an app based platform which can do a number of things. The car’s safety system uses secured digital keys. With the help of these keys, one can lock and unlock Lynk Co 01 from a smartphone. Also, just hit the ‘Share’ button to share its keys. While doing this, it is possible to set the time by which you need the car back.

Thus, anyone having an authorized digital key can hire it for some time. Furthermore, sharing the key with third party apps will have your shopping or laundry delivered directly to your car while you are away.

Lynk Co 01 mobile app
Mobile app of Lynk Co 01 SUV (Courtesy: Lynk & CO)

What is under the hood of Lynk Co 01?

This SUV is future ready with a digital dashboard, a touch screen and voice activated controls. Under the bonnet, the car may have a conventional engine or hybrid system or an electric motor. Irrespective of the system which powers this car, Lynk & Co. assures that it will be most efficient and clean. With the engine connected to your smartphone, you can also monitor its health at any time.

Lynk & Co. 01 Engine
Engine of Lynk Co. 01 (Courtesy: Lynk & CO)

In addition, Lynk Co 01 has other safety features such as blindside detection, adaptive cruise control and autonomous braking. Other features include daytime running lights, wireless charging, sunroof and power tailgate. The advanced Air Quality System can detect polluted air and closes the vents automatically.

With Lynk Co 01, it is very clear that the future is NOT about owning a car, but it’s all about using it and forgetting!

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