Electra meccanica solo: Go Solo, Go Green….!

Electra meccanica solo

Solo- A ‘soul connecting’ experience!

Electra Meccanica Vehicle Corporation of Canada has recently unveiled the smallest single person commuter named Solo. The Electra Meccanica Solo is a three-wheeled small electric vehicle. Its essential purpose is for daily commutes between your home and office.

electra meccanica solo dashboard
Electra Meccanica Solo Dashboard (Courtesy: Electra Meccanica)

Comfort, Convenience, and Efficiency: All in one combo in Electra Meccanica Solo

While designing Solo, designers addressed two main things. Firstly, to avoid under-utilization of space in regular cars and the second was to reduce pollution. Usually, a single person commutes daily in a car which can ideally carry 5 persons. That means, all the vacant spaces go under-utilized thereby causing wastage of energy. In addition, traditional cars run on IC engines, causing more environmental damage or pollution.

Thus, Solo is a daily commuter which is environmentally friendly, and cheap to operate. It occupies less space than a family car. It comes with an impressive range of 160 km. Smaller size helps Solo to move easily on crowded roads.

Under the hood of the Solo:

An AC synchronous motor producing 140 lb-foot of torque and 82 HP of power drives Solo. With this power, Solo can go from 0-100 km/h in under eight seconds. It has a top speed of 130 km/h which is impressive considering the size of the vehicle.

electra meccanica solo charging
Getting ready for the ride! (Courtesy: Electra Meccanica)

Its chassis is made of lightweight composites and an aluminum drivetrain reduces the overall weight of the vehicle to just 450 kg. The company also provides a universal power connector for quick as well as the standard charging. It can charge the batteries in 3 hours on a 220-volt connection.

electra meccanica solo alloy
Alloy Wheels on Solo (Courtesy: Electra Meccanica)

Some External Features:

The designers of Electra Meccanica Solo have extensively tested this vehicle in aero tunnels. This is to maximize the benefits from aerodynamic features and achieve more efficiency. Furthermore, 15” alloy wheels improve ride comfort while all-wheel disc brakes ensure vehicle safety.

Moreover, considering ten feet length (wheelbase of 6.7 feet) of the vehicle, it provides ample cargo space of 285 liters. It has two compartments in front and rear for storage. Solo also comes with Bi halogen headlamps and daytime running lights which improve visibility as well as enhance looks. With a compact size and economical commute, people will surely ‘Go Solo’ with Electra Mechanica Solo!

For more information, go to the link here:

Here is a spy video of Electra Meccanica Solo:

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