Hyundai IONIQ 5

Hyundai IONIQ 5: Concept that will change the EV scene

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IONIQ 5 - The all electric concept CUV from Hyundai

Hyundai recently unveiled the new EV concept. The Hyundai IONIQ 5 is a new concept that will redefine the electric vehicle market. The new design is more beautiful, and it will surely mark its presence on the road. Such advancement will force people to look at electric cars differently. In addition, the sleek styling with more advanced features and technology will reinvent electric mobility.


Furthermore, Hyundai IONIQ 5 has an entirely new platform, the E-GMP platform, specifically designed for electric vehicles. E-GMP means Electric Global Modular Platform. So, this new platform comes with faster charging, more cabin space, and better handling. The sleek new interior creates a whole new car experience. Rather, it is redefining the living space experience.

In addition, IONIQ 5 brings a whole new level of driving dynamics with cutting-edge technology. This CUV will deliver thrilling performance along with ultra-fast charging. It is a technological milestone in this evolving era of EV's. This new CUV offers high-quality standards with five years unlimited mileage warranty. The battery too comes with 8 years or 160000 km warranty. Both the warranties are standard.

The Design

The IONIQ 5 has pure and innovative design clues. So, the design looks fresh, energetic, and inspiring. This car brings the concept 45 car design to the streets. The use of environmentally friendly materials adds to sustainability. The vehicle uses raw materials derived from sugar cane in carpets, seat covers, and headliners. These are just a few examples. Very effective use of recyclable materials, including plastic bottles, makes this electric car more eco-friendly than ever.

The Exteriors

We can explain IONIQ 5 design in three words - distinctive, pure, and iconic. This refined design has a refreshing new look. In addition, the minimalistic structure along with clean lines reduce complexity. The clamshell hood spans the entire width of the car. As a result, it lowers panel gaps for a clean and minimal look. The parametric pixels of LED lights have a jewel-like design.

Furthermore, the front bumper's eye-catching V shape and hidden lights create an unmistakable light signature. The side graphics highlight auto-flush door handles. As a result, you get a more aerodynamic design with clean looks. The expressive design of the rear bumper harmonizes really well with rectangular taillights.

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