Hyundai IONIQ Concept Cabin is here & its dam cool

Hyundai IONIQ concept cabin

Hyundai IONIQ concept cabin: The latest generation of in-car experience

Hyundai Motor Company recently unveiled the Hyundai IONIQ concept cabin – a new generation of in-car experience. The company wants a new in-car experience that goes beyond transportation. The new generation of EV’s will have lots of space inside. Hence, Hyundai wants to use the full cabin potential for the best possible user experience.

Hyundai IONIQ Cabin Interiors
Hyundai IONIQ Cabin Interiors

First of all, all the electric vehicles will have lots of cabin space by default. Electric Vehicle comes with fewer components when we compare them with traditional cars. As a result, you will get lots of cabin space. It really gives more creativity to the manufacturers. On the same line, Hyundai is trying to build a great user experience starting from cabin space.

The Hyundai IONIQ concept cabin is just a hint of what is coming in the future. It also showcases what one can do in the ample cabin space of an electric vehicle. Besides, Hyundai wants to make the time more valuable both in and out of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the concept cabin highlights Hyundai vehicles’ transformation from transportation to personalized and user-centric mobility.


The company is planning to incorporate consumer electronics and appliances in its upcoming IONIQ models. This is possible because electric vehicles have vast cabin space and large power supply capacity. Hyundai can customize it to customer demands and lifestyle.

In Cabin Amenities
In Cabin Amenities

The concept cabin is a joint creation of Hyundai and LG Electronics. The cabin has electronic appliances for everyday use. Say, for example, clothing care can handle routine tasks and make human life easier. It is the same in the case of shoe butler. So, routine tasks can be done on the fly.

Besides, the cabin has a ceiling-mounted large 77 inch OLED display for enjoying content more effectively. This large screen handles two users simultaneously. So, users can enjoy different content on the same screen.

Split Screen Mode
Split Screen Mode

The headrest has inbuilt speakers that create a special sound zone for occupants. The floor cleaning robot with UV light can keep the cabin clean and disinfected at all the time. Hyundai will start giving such experiences from the upcoming model IONIQ 5. The launch will be early next year.

The IONIQ concept cabin is never done before the user-centric approach to customer experience. We can customize this cabin following customer’s needs and lifestyle.

Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President & Global Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor Company.

In conclusion, Hyundai wants to be a global leader in electrified mobility. It simply wants to change the customer experience altogether. It will also change the way how customers interact with Hyundai’s upcoming EV platform E-GMP (Electronic Global Modular Platform).

Image Courtesy: Hyundai

Watch Hyundai IONIQ concept cabin in action:

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