Bosch electrified mobility

Bosch electrified mobility: future is all electric

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Bosch Electrified Mobility:

Bosch, the German automotive components manufacturer, is keen on developing efficient powertrain systems. The electric vehicles are becoming a new normal all over the world. Bosch electrified mobility solutions is set to bring a revolution in the field of electric cars soon.

Bosch electrified mobility in future
Bosch electrified mobility in future

The large-scale emission problems create the biggest impact on climate change, and there is an urgent need to find a solution. Bosch electric drive systems along with energy efficient powertrains bring great efficiency with zero emissions.

The state of the art all-electric drive provides efficient and economical commuting. The new technology and innovation in electrified mobility also increase driving dynamics. Hence, new electric cars are more fun to drive than before.

Bosch electrified mobility & Efficient drive systems

Bosch, in pursuit of efficiency, designed a compact, modular drive system called the eAxle. The eAxle is very compact, cost-effective and efficient solution for modern electric vehicles. eAxle is a combination of power electronics, transmission and an electric motor that merges into one compact unit.

In addition, it directly powers the vehicle axle. So it offers less complexity in design. Hence, the system is highly efficient. The eAxle is scalable and available in different sizes. Hence, it can offer a broad range of applications for various vehicle types.

Bosch eAxle
Bosch eAxle

For light electric-vehicles such as mopeds and scooters, Bosch invented new 48V central drive system. It is applicable to vehicles with a power ranging from 4 to 20 kW. The compact unit includes various components such as a drive unit, battery, controller, charger, display, and a mobile app. Thus, it includes almost all the major components. Besides, this drive system is also scalable.

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