Bosch automated mobility: future of self driving cars is here

Bosch automated mobility self driving cars

Self-driving cars and automated mobility

Bosch, the German automotive components manufacturer, is taking future of self-driving cars seriously. Bosch Automated Mobility is aiming to automate day to day driving needs. The automation will help to solve traffic problems and make daily commute safe and stress-free.

Bosch automated Valet parking
Bosch automated Valet parking

Bosch is taking a step-by-step approach for the self-driving car development. Such an approach helps to solve complex real-world problems without compromising safety. Running the self-driving cars directly on the highways is a dangerous approach, resulting in the loss of safety.

Furthermore, Bosch is starting from small automated solutions such as the remote park assist and moving slowly to complex functions. In addition, the driver assistance system improves the safety of drivers. The company is also developing highly automated functions. It is also working on fully automated car driving technology.

Partially automated driving

This type of driving includes different types of small automation in driving. Some of the components of partially automated driving include Home-zone park assist, automated valet parking, park assist and automated emergency braking system.

All these components involve semi-automation. Hence, the assistance of a driver is required and all those functionalities are not fully autonomous. Furthermore, all these features are the part of Bosch Automated Mobility.

Bosch pedestrian protection
Bosch pedestrian protection

The automated valet parking is a more advanced version of remote park assist system. In this system, the driver has to simply press the button and car finds the parking space on its own. This system is entirely driverless. The car communicates with parking infrastructure and parks on its own.

Highly automated driving

This type of driving includes full automation in driving. The components here integrate smartly and able to communicate with each other. It entirely removes the human part of the driving. However, this type of autonomous driving technology is in the nascent stage. The components include Artificial Intelligence for driverless vehicles, Vehicle dynamics control, system failure prevention, reliable braking and electromechanical steering system.

Highly automated driving involves Artificial Intelligence as a critical component. The AI systems when taught correctly may drive safer than humans. The system will increase the efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, system failure prevention is an important component. The standby systems avoid the steering and braking failures.

In addition, a reliable braking control is essential for passenger safety. The i-Booster and the ESP can take control of braking independently without human intervention. The i-Booster technology generates braking pressure three times faster than traditional braking systems.

Advantages of Bosch Automated mobility

First of all the most important advantage in any automation is the efficiency and resource conservation. Efficiency in cars helps to reduce emission problems. Highly automated cars will ease traffic congestions and help save natural resources.

The traffic management becomes more easy and synchronized; conserving time and money. The commercial transport will be more controlled and vehicles will move on the most efficient routes. Hence, the time conservation is simply possible, adding efficiency to the fleet.

The vehicle dynamics control improves safety and agility of the vehicle.  This system takes actions in advance. The system predicts the vehicle behavior and acts accordingly.

Bosch takes testing of its automated mobility components seriously. The worldwide testing ensures reliability. The company can also test the working of all components in different terrains, environments, and climates. Currently, the component testing is not only limited to Europe and the USA but also includes China and Japan. This worldwide approach ensures the quality and reliability of the final product.

In conclusion, Bosch automated mobility will bring highly reliable self-driving cars for the safe and stress-free commute.

Image courtesy: Bosch

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