Flow: AI powered electric scooter is here & we are excited!

Flow AI powered electric scooter

22 Motors’ Flow Scooter: Reimagine commuting

The world is moving fast by breaking the old ways and barriers of commuting. Scooters are also part of this wave. Indian start-up 22motors does the same and introduces an all-electric AI-powered electric scooter called ‘Flow’.

The Flow Haryana based company in India co-founded by two young future thinkers named Parveen Kharb and Vijay Chandrawat. The duo really thinks ahead of time. So, they designed a fully electric scooter suited for Indian conditions. The most noteworthy feature of this scooter is this electric scooter is its Artificial Intelligence.

The story of the co-founders is really inspiring. Mr. Parveen is automation engineer and automotive insider at the same time. Mr. Vijay is a computer science graduate from IIT Delhi. They come together as their skills complement each other and lay the strong foundation to take the EV into the mainstream.

The philosophy behind 22 motors:

As a team, the company always thinks ahead of the time. Thinking ahead of time is a much-needed skill in today’s fast-changing world. They are also working on IoT, AI, electric powertrains and lithium-ion storage. Working on these core technologies helps the company to create unmatched quality product ahead of everyone else.

Flow AI-powered electric scooter design:

22 Motors has put a lot of efforts in designing flow. The team neatly crafted every aspect of the design, right from materials to engineering. In addition, the Flow is 100% indigenous with the best-in-class performance.

Flow Dash
Flow Dash

The additional safety is provided by the combined braking system. The system works on the same principle of combi brake system.  The water and dust protection are also provided. The scooter comes with 230mm water-wading capacity. The tubeless tires give more comfort and convenience. The front and rear weight ratio is adjusted to enhance riding experience further. Fully robotic welding process for the frame makes it more reliable and trouble-free.

Flow AI-powered electric scooter specifications:

The flow can achieve the top speed of 60km/h producing 90 Nm of torque. It can also be charged 70% in one hour and has a range of 160km once fully charged. The DC motor is developed by BOSCH with regenerative braking technology. The Regenerative Braking System (KERS) reduces braking distance by up to 60% and recycles 6% of battery capacity.

The scooter has no traditional IC engine and hence, it offers more storage space. The storage can accommodate two helmets at the same time. The storage capacity is 25 liters. You will get Projector headlamps and LED lights for the first time in a scooter.

Bluetooth connectivity comes handy for seamless interaction between your Smartphone, scooter and the outside world. The scooter also offers the riding modes for the first time, namely Drag, Cruise and Reverse modes. So, moving the vehicle is too convenient.

State of the art battery technology:

Surprisingly, the battery is free of cost for the lifetime. The company will replace the battery in case of any issues. Flow usually takes 4-5 hours for full charging. The battery is lightweight and easily removable. Normal 5 amp socket is enough to charge the flow. The battery is resistant to extreme temperatures. You can verify the status of the battery via the mobile app.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) at its best:

Gone are the days when you need to service your vehicle after certain distance say 1000 km or so. In case of flow electric scooter, it simply learns itself and alerts you when scooter needs servicing. So, now, the service directly relates to your riding behavior.

Flow Interface
Flow Interface

The system learns itself and minimizes the breakdowns. It can also place orders automatically for spare parts before they fail.  AI changed the service scenario altogether. The collision detection and warning system are standard on this scooter.

The system is also robust. It alerts you about the current temperature and traffic on the route. The algorithm detects changing driving behavior, routes and keeps the rider informed all the time. Furthermore, you can use the automatic geo-fencing feature. This feature notifies the owners about deviations in normal routes.

The fleet management system and remote vehicle diagnosis help in solving the problems on the go. The system also helps to notify the user of the service needs.

Service and ownership:

The 22 Motors drastically revamped the service part of the Flow AI-powered electric scooter. No service payment is required.  You can buy most of the parts online via an app. Standard parts are available over the counter. However, the company will make available the special components at the experience centers.

In conclusion, Flow is set to change the way we commute every day. From service to intelligence, all will change sooner before we even realize the change.

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