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Bike Riding: Top 10 tips for beginners

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Read This Before You Start Bike Riding

Bike riding is an aspiring passion for many! But it is not as easy as buying something from the market. It requires rigorous practice, and then eventually, a 'common rider' evolves into a 'skilled rider'!

Like any other achievement, skillful bike riding cannot be accomplished without the dedication, devotion, time, and last but important- money. As this hobby or passion involves significant monetary investments and risks (even your health), training yourself rigorously is essential. Especially in India, riding a high-speed bike is more of a challenge. In the UK, one has to complete a preliminary training course before he/she can ride a motorcycle on the roads.

Here are ten tips for beginners on bike riding:

1. Which bike to start with?

Most of the time, people are confused about choosing their first bike. The first bike should be of a small capacity: say 100-125cc bike, which is enough to start with, and one should ride it for at least 50,000 km. As a beginner, you should ride it for 3-4 years and cover smaller distances to be ready for a bigger bike. We strongly recommend NOT to go for bigger bikes in the beginning. Instead, practice on small bikes first and then steadily move up on the ladder.

2. Distance:

Distance is the most important aspect of bike riding. How much distance you can cover in a day mostly depends on your bike experience, fitness level, road conditions, and terrains. During the early stage of bike riding, the goal should be to cover smaller distances. Please don’t push yourself to the extreme during the beginning as it may cause excessive strain on your body for which you are not used to.

Use national / state highways in beginning
Use national/state highways in the beginning

In the beginning, avoid interior roads as they do not have enough fuel stations/service stations. Instead, use state highways, as most of them have toll-free helplines in case of an emergency. Know your route well by getting adequate information about fuel stations, refreshment centers, etc., along the route. Increase the distance step by step by setting up goals for yourselves. Setting goals and achieving them will boost your confidence level.

3. Group riding or solo riding?

Yes, this is a tricky question. Riding solo and riding in a group are two different things. To begin with, start with solo rides. Group riding is totally different as it requires teamwork, speed synchronization, coordination, and patience - something which could be acquired only after significant riding experience.

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