Tata Impact 2.0 design

Tata Impact 2.0 design: Is it really a game changer?

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What is Tata Impact 2.0 Design?

Tata motors is one of the oldest names in Indian automotive world. Tata is manufacturing vehicles since 1945. The company has a loyal following of customers. From the last 73 years, the company has great brand value in the commercial vehicle segment. Currently, in the passenger car segment, Tata Motors is experimenting with new design language called Tata Impact 2.0 Design.

Tata Nexon
Tata Nexon

Starting from 2016, Tata Motors is following a completely new design theme named Tata Impact. The first product to carry this design language is Tata Tiago Hatchback. Soon after the Tiago launch, the company manufactured a series of products namely Hexa, Tigor, and Nexon compact-SUV. All of these cars and SUV’s are based on this new theme i.e. Tata Impact design.

The Impact design language is a collaborative effort between the design teams based in Italy, UK and India. The actual meaning of the new design philosophy is ‘Immediate impact at first sight, lasting impact over time’.

Tata impact 2.0: Design language of the future

The Impact 2.0 is the second generation of the Impact Design philosophy. The new design philosophy introduces in the 150th anniversary year of the Tata Group. The newer version is more modern, sharper and contemporary.

Tata Impact 2.0 design language is more focused on capturing attention in the first few seconds. The design is also more stunning, recognizable and able to last in memory for a long time. The radical shift in terms of design is extremely critical for an extremely competitive market like India.

Tata H5X
Tata H5X

First of all, Indian automotive Industry is evolving rapidly. New international brands are coming with new generation products. The design is the only thing that captures the attention. Rather, we can say that it is the first step to convince someone to buy a car. In India, the design matters more and later comes speed and power. If you able to make a radical shift in the design language, your chances of winning the market increase. In addition, the build quality is also important.

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