T1 prima truck racing

T1 Prima truck racing 2015

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Season 2 of championship to take place on 15th March


Venue: Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida


Truck racing was quite an unfamiliar event to Indians until last year when country’s commercial vehicle giant Tata Motors launched such an event for the first time in India. The Season 2 of this event i.e. T1 Prima Truck racing championship will take place on March 15th 2015 at the Buddh International Circuit Greater Noida. Cummins, Wabco, JK Tyres, Castrol and Tata Technologies are the main sponsors of this event.

In this year’s competition, 12 Tata Prima World trucks from six different teams will compete each other for the championship title. The participating teams in season 2 are:

  1. Team Castrol Vecton
  2. Team Cummins
  3. Team Tata Technologies Motorsports
  4. Team Dealer Warriors
  5. Team Dealers Daredevils
  6. Team Allied Partners
The sole reason to compete...(Courtesy: Tata Motors)

It is anticipated that this year’s race would be more exciting as the speed limit of the trucks is increased by 10% compared to the previous year and so the trucks can now cruise at a speed of 130kmph. To further spice up the event, there is 10% increase in the acceleration and 10% reduction in weight of trucks in comparison to the season 1. Additional efforts have also been put in to make the body of truck more aerodynamic.

The events on the race day are two-fold. At first, qualifying run will take place and some participants will be eliminated. The main race will take place afterwards.

Tata Motors has also announced the driver selection and training program for the season 3. The sole aim of this program is to develop skilled race-truck drivers.

More information about this event could be obtained from: http://www.t1primatruckracing.com/

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