What is Hatchback and what are its features? Know More


What is a Hatchback?

The hatchback is a vehicle type which has a characteristic separate opening or door that provides access to the cargo area or boot. This door is known as ‘hatch’. And thus, the manufacturers term this category of cars as a ‘hatchback’. Although it is different than a coupe.

The hatch in a Hatchback incorporates the rear glass. This door generally hinges at the top end of the rear body panel. Thus, after opening the entire door flips upward and provides access to the cargo area.

Because of the ease of access, people prefer the hatchbacks when they need to transport a large quantity of material. It is also useful when they need to open/close the door frequently to keep/remove the material from the car. Some hatchback vehicles also provide the facility to fold the rear seats which adds significantly to the storage space.

How hatch works

In general, these cars are either available as three door or five door versions. Three door hatchback consists of two doors for the passenger entry and third for the luggage. Similarly, in five-door version, it is four plus one combination. It has four doors for the passengers and one for keeping/removing the luggage.

Advantages of a Hatchback:

These types of cars are very popular in many parts of Europe because of their compact dimensions and large storage space. Maruti 800 is the legendary entry-level hatchback in India which crossed sales figure of 2.5 million units since its launch. Similarly, Tata Indica launched by Tata Motors received a record 115,000 bookings during the first phase of its launch.

The only significant disadvantage of the hatch segment is that one can easily see the material loaded in the storage area as the boot lid incorporates a glass window. Suzuki Swift, Ford Fiesta, and Hyundai i20 are some of the most popular hatchbacks in the world.

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