What Is Combi Brake System By Honda And How It Works?

Combi Brake

What Is Combi Brake System?

Combi Brake System describes combined braking of the front and rear wheels.

Honda Activa with Combi Brake Technology (Photo Courtesy: Honda)
Honda Activa with Combi Brake Technology (Photo Courtesy: Honda)

For – Easier Braking Operation, Safety. By – Honda Activa, Honda Dio

How Deos This System Work?

Honda 2wheelers (http://www.honda2wheelersindia.com) implemented the mechanical version of this system in its Honda Activa and Dio scooters. However, to control a gear-less 2-wheeler either in case of an emergency braking or under bad road conditions is quite risky. If the rider applies only one brake suddenly, there are chances of skidding the bike. Thus, it may result in severe injuries to the rider.

Combi-Brake System helps in achieving more effortless operation while braking. When the rider presses the rear brake lever, it activates both front and rear brakes simultaneously. So, you don’t need to use both the brake leavers, but just the rear one. And, the system applies an appropriate braking force to both the wheels. Thus, it helps in safer braking and getting better control of the bike. It gives the rider an easy and controlled braking operation.

Combi Brake System by Honda

Thus, on pressing the left side brake lever, the system distributes an appropriate braking force between the front and rear wheels. As the system applies equal braking force to both front & rear wheels, the braking is effective.

For e.g. the vehicle is running at speed and applies the rear brakes only. Then, the conventional brakes stop the vehicle with sudden imbalance. However, Honda vehicles stop with the power of both rear and front brakes. Besides, it reduces the braking distance. It also improves the stability while braking. Thus, the system ensures that the rider with low expertise is also confident while braking. So, you can ride with the confidence of efficient braking.

As claimed by Honda, this system also provides optimal braking performance. Besides, this technology offers shorter braking distance and stability. Thus, this technology enssures complete safety for the rider.

Watch Combi Brake System In Action Here:

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