'Blue Core' Technology (Photo Courtesy: Yamaha)

What is Blue Core Technology by Yamaha? See Images and Video

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What is Blue Core Technology:

Blue Core Technology is a newer generation engine technology developed by the motorcycle maker Yamaha.

Blue Core Technology (Photo Courtesy: Yamaha)
Blue Core Technology (Photo Courtesy: Yamaha)

For – more power, faster pick-up, better fuel-efficiency. By – Yamaha FZS-FI, Fazer-FI

How does the Blue-Core Technology Work?

Yamaha implemented this technology in its latest bikes FZS-FI & Fazer-FI. In addition, this engine technology offers more power, faster pick-up. Besides, it also delivers better fuel-efficiency and environmental friendliness with lower emissions.

As claimed by Yamaha, FZS’s 149cc BlueCore petrol engine uses fuel-injection which returns impressive fuel economy. According to Yamaha’s internal tests, the new FZS-FI bike with 'BlueCore' delivers 14% more mileage as against FZ’s earlier carburretor version.

Yamaha FZS-FI engine (Photo Courtesy: Yamaha)
Yamaha FZS-FI engine (Photo Courtesy: Yamaha)

BlueCore engine features:

It is Yamaha’s Newer Generation engine development model. Thus, this technology extracts maximum performance and fuel economy from the engine. Yamaha claims that it achieved this by optimizing combustion process. The Blue core also reduces power loss while precisely controlling fuel supply and ignition timing.

You can obtain further information about this technology here: http://www.yamahafzfi.com/fzs-blue-core/blue-core.html

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