Honda Eco Technology (Courtesy: Honda)

HET: What Is Honda Eco Technology And How Does It Work?

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What is HET or Honda Eco Technology?

Honda developed HET which stands for Honda Eco Technology.

HET - Honda Eco Technology (Photo Courtesy: Honda)
HET - Honda Eco Technology (Photo Courtesy: Honda)

For - Improved combustion, enhances power & fuel efficiency. By - Honda Activa, Aviator, Dream Yuga, Dream Neo.

How HET or Honda Eco Technology works?

Honda developed the Honda Eco-Technology and implemented on Honda bikes such as Activa, Aviator, Dream Yuga and Dream Neo. Honda Eco-Technology improves combustion. It also optimizes the transmission and minimizes the friction which enhances engine power and fuel efficiency.


According to Honda, the new Honda Eco-Technology boosts the fuel efficiency of Honda’s. Thus, it results in a "Dream Mileage". Actually, the mileage is based on Honda's internal test ride mode which is close to actual city riding conditions. Honda Eco-Technology improves combustion, significantly reduces the friction and optimizes the transmission in Honda engine.

Honda achieved this by:

• Reducing friction by using an offset crank
• Significantly reducing the weight of the reciprocating parts
• Using low tension piston-ring and improved bearing oil seal
• Improving combustion by using highly ignitable nickel spark plug and optimized inlet port
• Maintaining the power with increased mileage by optimizing Pulley converter ratio & driving force.

Note: All images (Courtesy: Honda)

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