HET: What Is Honda Eco Technology?

Honda Eco Technology (Courtesy: Honda)

What is HET or Honda Eco Technology?

Honda designed & developed HET, which stands for Honda Eco Technology.

HET - Honda Eco Technology (Photo Courtesy: Honda)
HET – Honda Eco Technology (Photo Courtesy: Honda)

For – Improved combustion, enhances power & fuel efficiency. By – Honda Activa, Aviator, Dream Yuga, Dream Neo.

How Does HET or Honda Eco Technology Work?

Honda designed & developed the Honda Eco-Technology. Then it implemented this technology on Honda two-wheelers such as Activa, Aviator, Dream Yuga, and Dream Neo. As claimed by Honda, Honda Eco-Technology improves combustion. It also optimizes the transmission and minimizes friction. Thus, it enhances engine power and fuel efficiency.

Honda Dream Neo
Honda Dream Neo

According to Honda, the new Honda Eco-Technology boosts the fuel efficiency of Honda two-wheelers. Thus, it results in a “Dream Mileage.” Actually, the mileage depends on Honda’s internal test ride mode. However, it is close to actual city riding conditions. In addition, Honda Eco-Technology improves combustion and significantly reduces friction. Besides, it optimizes the transmission in the Honda engine.

Honda Achieved This By:

• Reducing friction by using an offset crank. Thus, using an offset crankshaft reduces the friction between the moving parts considerably.

• Significantly decreasing the weight of the reciprocating parts. Moreover, reducing the weight of the reciprocating parts increases the efficiency.

• Also, using low tension piston-ring and improved bearing oil seal. Using a low tension piston ring helps to maintain optimum combustion pressure. And an improved bearing oil seal helps to achieve tight sealing.

• Improving combustion using a highly ignitable nickel spark plug and the optimized inlet port. Besides, the nickel spark plug is highly ignitable. Thus, it improves combustion. And thereby, it increases the mileage of the two-wheelers.

• Maintaining the power with increased mileage by optimizing the Pulley Converter Ratio & driving force. By optimizing the pulley converter ratio & driving force, the company is able to maintain the power along with an increase in mileage, as claimed by Honda.

Note: All images (Courtesy: Honda)

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