EFi bikes in India

EFi – Electronic Fuel Injection: EFi Bikes available in India

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What is EFI technology?

The term EFi stands for Electronic Fuel Injection. It employs the following technology. We have compiled the list of EFI bikes in India.

Electronic Fuel Injection in bikes
Electronic Fuel Injection in bikes

For - Higher Power output, Lower emissions

How EFi Works?

Electronic Fuel Injection Technology replaces the conventional carburetor with an injector for supplying fuel to the engine. Since the injection is controlled electronically by an ECU, it enhances the combustion of the engine. It also helps in better mileage, higher power output and lowers the emissions.

The Royal Enfield's (http://royalenfield.com/motorcycles/) Bullet Classic 500 and Continental GT bikes have Electronic Fuel Injection system. Recently, Yamaha has also introduced fuel injection on its FZS-FI & Fazer-FI bikes. In 2007, Bujaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi was also launched in Indian market with Electronic Fuel Injection technology but was later discontinued.

Furthermore, the KTM uses an advanced Direct Injection method. All the KTM bikes - Duke 200, 390 and RC 200 & 390 use direct injection which also increases power output. Additionally, it improves mileage and reduces the emissions.

EFi bikes - KTM 200 Duke
EFI bikes - KTM 200 Duke

Following are some of the EFI Bikes in India:

  1. KTM Duke 200 & 390 (Direct Injection)
  2. KTM RC 200 & 390 (Direct Injection)
  3. RE Bullet Classic 500
  4. RE Continental GT
  5. Yamaha FZS-FI
  6. Yamaha Fazer-FI
  7. Hero Glamour PGM-FI
  8. Hero Karizma ZMR

Further, watch EFi engine in action here:

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