TVS sync brake system (SBS)

What Is Sync brake system Or SBS & How It Works?

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What is TVS Sync Brake System (SBS)?

TVS Motor Company is one of India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturer since 1978, manufacturing scooters and motorcycles. TVS motors recently introduced TVS Sync Brake System (SBS) Technology in its Jupiter & Wego scooters. Sync Brake System stands for 'Synchronised Braking'.

The new technology is helpful when it comes to safety. As feature like ABS is costly, it may increase the cost of the product substantially. In order to reduce costs, most companies develop in-house technologies. Honda uses such in-house technology called combi brake system.

Why there is a need for the Sync Brake System?

First of all, in a country like India, many people are opting for scooters as they are extremely useful for day to day commute. As the economy is growing faster, there is a substantial increase in buying power. Unfortunately, there is no proper training for riding; leading to accidents.

India is in dire need to educate everyone about road safety. The new riders tend to make major mistakes when it comes to braking. Only a few riders know, how to brake correctly. TVS highlighted the issue and designed brake which avoids skidding due to locking of the rear wheel. In this technology, the front brake is applied automatically when the rear brake is applied.

India is a country with different terrains and requires special skill while braking on these terrains. However, the majority of the riders tend to apply only the rear brakes which results in uneven distribution of braking forces. As a consequence, the scooter may skid and cause an accident. It is necessary to apply both the brakes at the same time for effective braking.

How Sync Brake System Works?

TVS sync brake system (SBS) uses a reaction relay lever which applies the front brakes in quick succession when the rider applies the rear brake. This relay lever helps to ensure a smooth transition of brake force distribution from back to front. Thus, the two-wheeler reduces its speed smoothly and more efficiently according to TVS.

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