Woman truck mechanic in India is taking equality to the next level

India’s first woman truck mechanic

Shanti Devi: India’s first woman truck mechanic

Who says women can’t drive or do repair work? Everyone says men and women should be treated at equal levels. Increasing number of women are taking over the fields which are men dominated. Mechanic is a profession which is totally dominated by men in India. However, India’s first woman truck mechanic, Shanti Devi, is telling an inspiring story to everyone.

Shanti Devi
Shanti Devi

But, now things have changed. Shanti Devi is setting an example of equality we always talk about. Shanti Devi is a truck mechanic working at India’s largest truck terminal, Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, in Delhi.

The story of India’s first woman truck mechanic:

First of all, we are saying she is India’s first because she is a mechanic since 1996. Being a truck mechanic is a tough job. You need to lift heavy weights. Just for removing the ‘puncture’, you need to lift a tyre which weighs almost 50kg. Doing all this alone without anybody’s support is really challenging.

The trucking industry is highly dominated by men. And, in a country like India it needs courage. In a typical Indian family, parents discourage women to pursue less-tried fields. It needs passion and enough self-confidence when you are trying something different.

Shanti Devi is a famous mechanic and most of the drivers wait outside her garage to fix the punctured tyre.  Skill and passion to work, are the only things; that attract more customers to her business. She also runs a shop alongside her garage. Her husband looks after the shop when she is at work.

woman truck mechanic
woman truck mechanic

Interestingly, she doesn’t have any degree or educational background. However, Shanti Devi learns by working with other mechanics and her husband. Now, she works more skillfully than other mechanics. So, we can say that she proved herself by her hard work. Shanti Devi is now an inspiration for many while the men still get overwhelmed by her work.

In conclusion, a woman can do any type of work if she has two qualities i.e. passion & hard work.

Image Courtesy: History TV 18, Gulf News

Watch video on India’s First Woman Truck Mechanic by History Channel here:

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