Hyundai RM20e: Next-generation electric sports car is here

Hyundai RM20e

RM20e electric sports car from Hyundai

Hyundai is the worlds leading car manufacturer that holds a strong footprint in electric mobility and racing. Hyundai RM20e is one of the racing midship electric sports cars from Hyundai. It’s a prototype car, but it has a staggering performance and agility.

RM20e Front View
RM20e Front View

Furthermore, RM20e is a racing sports car that comes under Hyundai’s N brand. The RM20e utilizes the RM development platform. Future N branded products will be based on the same platform.

First of all, RM stands for Racing Midship. The RM20e has a rear-drive midship powertrain configuration. Here, the rear-drive configuration makes the real difference. Rear-drive vehicles yield ideal handling and agility at the same time. This is possible due to a low polar moment of inertia.

The RM platform further facilitates the testing of new technologies that keep the sports car connected to the tarmac at all speeds and environmental conditions. This balance and road grip is essential to keep the enormous power and torque grounded.


Hyundai is working on the RM platform since 2012. It has a clear vision of connecting high-performance motorsports technologies to future N branded models. The project started with RM14 and keep on evolving every year.

Hyundai RM20e Side View

Besides, RM models, through the years, have undergone critical testing and improvements to increase the performance. The testing involves 420 to 480 laps on the world’s most challenging track of Nurburgring. So, it equates to almost 160934 km in wet and dry tarmac. As a result, RM models also keep improving in their applications as well.

The RM20e pushes the already evolving RM platform into an environmental friendly decade. It is also stretching the performance of electric cars to the normal road environment.

Albert Biermann, Head of R and D Hyundai Motor Group.

Hyundai RM20e represents the all-new dimension in electrified mobility with zero-emission performance dynamics.

What is under the hood?

Hyundai RM20e features an unbelievably powerful full electric motor that produces 810Hp of horsepower and 960 Nm of torque. The car can achieve 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds.

Besides, it can go from 0 to 200 km/h in 9.88 seconds. That is damn fast. The RM20e has a midship placement of the motor, and it also has rear-drive layout to achieve that much acceleration. As a result, you get much-needed traction to achieve mind-blowing acceleration.

Furthermore, RM20e can drive on both the race track and a regular road. It has a dual purpose application. It has a race car level of performance, grip, braking, and balance while at the same time, it is calmer, responsive, and road-ready. This dual-purpose role of a race car means a lot to many consumers.

The RM20e has a power-train that ensures zero emissions. Hyundai is testing a variety of industry-leading propulsion solutions such as FCEV, BEV, HEY, and PHEV. The company has a strategic partnership with Rimac Automobili. They are together working on FCEV and BEV prototypes.

Besides, the RM platform is clearly taking Hyundai’s N brand into the reputable supercar level of performance without damaging the environment. So, you will get the same adrenaline rush without damaging our environment.

Hyundai RM20e specifications

The RM20e is a two-seater two-door coupe. It has an aluminium extrusion front subframe alongwith a steel tube and plate rear subframe. The motor has middle placement with the rear-drive electric axle.

In the aerodynamics department, it doesn’t lag. It has a front splitter and rear diffuser with a large wing spoiler. The 800V motor with inverter technology generates 596kW of peak power. Besides it also produces 960Nm of torque.

It has a 60kWh battery with liquid flooded battery module technology. The RM20e can achieve a top speed greater than 250 km/h. It has conventional gas pressure dampers. The RM20e has 6-piston brakes at the front and 4-piston brakes at the rear.

The Bosch Motorsports ABS M5 does its braking duty at absolute perfection. It has rack-mounted motor-driven power steering. As far the interior is concerned, there is no compromise on the safety of the driver. The Sabelt sports seat gives absolute comfort. The car also features 6-point safety harness system. The ground clearance is 80 mm. The 265/35R19 front tire and 305/30R20 rear tire gives immense grip on the ground.

In conclusion, the RM platform will clearly steer Hyundai into a sustainable future without compromising the racing performance. The RM20e clearly strikes the right balance between performance and the environment.

Watch RM20e in action

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