Rear Spoiler in a car

What Is The Function & Importance Of Rear Spoiler?

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What is Rear Spoiler in a car?

The rear spoiler is an aerodynamic device of the vehicle intended for reducing the air drag. It spoils or nullifies the effect of the air pressure passing over the vehicle body. If the spoiler is at the front of the vehicle, it is called an Air Dam which reduces the amount of air flowing under the vehicle.

Rear Spoiler in a car
Rear Spoiler in a car

The rear spoiler is the upside down wing-shaped component. Manufacturers install it on the car’s boot or at the end of the roof. It presses the speeding car on the road and builds up the airspeed. Originally, the manufacturers created the rear spoiler for racing purpose. However, it is now treated as a popular accessory on the high-performance cars.

The function of Rear Spoiler:

While a vehicle is traveling at high speeds, the atmospheric pressure affects its movement. The function of the spoiler is to disrupt the airflow passing over and around a moving vehicle. Generally, the manufacturers use the rear spoiler to disperse the air. It reduces the amount of turbulence the vehicle generates as it moves. Thus, it helps to "spoil" or reduce the turbulent flow and air drag.

The effects of using the Spoiler in a car
The effects of using the Spoiler in a car

The function of a spoiler varies depending upon the location where the carmakers install it i.e. which effect it is going to spoil. The most common function of the spoiler is to reduce the effect of the turbulence created by the airflow. It does so by "spoiling" the streamlined flow of air and providing a cushion like a boundary layer. However, different types of airflow may need spoilers to work differently. Hence, the manufacturers may need to install the spoilers at different locations to control a variety of air resistance.

The manufacturers use Spoilers in racing/sports cars along with other features on the vehicle body or chassis of these cars. Thus, it changes the handling characteristics of the car affected by the atmosphere. The manufacturers often design these devices and make them highly adjustable. Thus, they suit the needs of racing on a particular track or it could even suit the abilities of a particular driver.

Advantages of using a Rear Spoiler:

The manufacturers also use the rear spoiler to improve the high-speed stability and reduce the back-lift of high-speed/sports cars. Nowadays, the carmakers offer the rear spoilers even on the passenger vehicles to improve the stability. However, some carmakers install them purely for styling/aesthetic purposes. Due to their association in the sports segment earlier, the rear spoilers often get a thumbs-up for being a sporty/trendy design feature.

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