What is ExhausTEC Technology & How It Works?

ExhausTEC Technology

What Is ExhausTEC or Exhaust Torque Expansion Chamber?

The term ‘ExhausTec’ stands for Exhaust Torque Expansion Chamber used in the engine’s exhaust system.

ExhausTEC Technology (Photo Courtesy: Bajaj)
ExhausTEC Technology (Photo Courtesy: Bajaj)

For – Improved low and mid-range torque of the engine. By – Bajaj Pulsar

How Does The Exhaust Torque Expansion Chamber Work?

The Exhaust Torque Expansion Chamber device fits in the exhaust system of Bajaj Pulsar. Thus, it is a resonator (or a tuned box) that fits onto the header pipe of the exhaust. According to Bajaj Auto, this technology improves ‘scavenging.’ It is the process of pushing the exhaust gases out of the cylinder. Thus, this technology helps completely remove the exhaust gases from the engine cylinder.

Furthermore, Bajaj Auto claims that the system helps build negative pressure or vacuum at the exhaust valve in the lower rpm zones of the engine. And it eventually results in sucking more air-fuel mixture into the cylinder during the opening of the intake valve.

More air-fuel mixture means the engine generates relatively more power & torque. Thus, it improves the low and mid-range torque of the engine. Bajaj Auto developed this technology and implemented it in its Pulsar models.

Further, read more information about this technology here. http://www.bajajauto.com/temp/mypulsar/

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