What is Ecothrust Technology By TVS And How It Works?

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What is Ecothrust Technology?

The TVS Ecothrust technology uses ‘Molycoat’ piston to reduce friction inside the engine.

TVS Ecothrust engine (Photo Courtesy: TVS)
TVS Ecothrust engine (Photo Courtesy: TVS)

For - Reduced engine friction, Increased power and fuel efficiency. By - TVS Phoenix 125, TVS Flame DS125.

How It Works:

This technology is developed by TVS Motors ( TVS implemented the Eco-thrust technology in TVS Phoenix 125 and TVS Flame DS125 bikes. This technology uses ‘Molycoat’ type of coated piston which reduces the friction inside the cylinder. It, thereby, increases the power and helps to reduce fuel consumption with more efficient combustion as claimed by TVS.

To achieve the Optimal Ignition Curve, the engine takes into consideration variables such as the speed of the bike, the weight of the rider and other riding conditions. Combined with Digital-mapped Ignition, the engine adapts itself automatically to varying speeds and provides optimum mileage. This technology also increases the power & improves fuel efficiency as claimed by TVS.

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