Engine exhaust system

Engine Exhaust System: How Does It work? Read More

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Engine Exhaust System:

The engine exhaust system is one of the important vehicle systems as it deals with vehicle emission. The exhaust system collects the exhaust gases from the engine cylinders. It guides them through the central exhaust passage and releases them into the atmosphere with minimum power loss, noise, vibrations, and transfer of heat to the car’s body.

Engine exhaust system
Engine exhaust system


It consists of an exhaust manifold mounted on the cylinder block or head, catalytic converter, and tailpipe/silencer. The exhaust manifold is a set of pipes that carry exhaust gases from the cylinder head to the silencer. Generally, it is made of cast iron to endure the heat of the exhaust gases.  For a smoother flow of exhaust gases, manufacturers employ a two-in-one type manifold instead of an integral type. ‘V’ type engines employ dual-exhaust systems on each side of the engine. Each unit has an exhaust manifold, muffler, and also the pipes.

Engine exhaust system
Engine exhaust system

Some engines have only one exhaust manifold with one muffler and one tailpipe. To prevent power loss, the engine exhaust system must create a minimum resistance to exhaust gas flow. Such resistance creates a back pressure in the exhaust system, which opposes the cylinders' working pressure.

Furthermore, manufacturers design the exhaust system in such a way that it minimizes the restriction to the flow of exhaust gases. For this purpose, manufacturers provide cast-rib deflectors or dividers inside the exhaust manifold. Dividers smoothly guide the exhaust gases towards the tailpipes/outlet.

Engine Exhaust System Layout:

In practice, manufacturers especially design the exhaust system and manifold as per the engine-chassis layout. This is because the front suspension and steering system limit the space available for the exhaust manifolds.

Especially, modern-day compact cars have little space in the engine compartment. Hence, manufacturers fit very tiny, and compact exhaust systems and manifold are in these cars. Exhaust manifolds are designed to avoid as much as possible the overlapping of exhaust strokes, which keeps the back-pressure to a minimum.

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