Land Rover Defender 2020: What you need to know

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender: Reimagine the adventure

Land Rover is a British four-wheel drive luxury SUV manufacturer. Tata Motors owns the British brand since 2008. The land rover recently unveiled the 2020 Land Rover Defender.

land rover defender terrain maneuver
land rover defender terrain maneuver

Furthermore, the 2020 Land Rover Defender represents 70 years of research and innovation. The first Land Rover Defender was designed in 1980. The Defender is known for its rugged looks and performance. In addition, the SUV is an extreme off-roader. It performs really well in an extremely harsh environment. With the new design and capabilities, the 2020 land rover defender is ready for the 21st century.

Land Rover Defender Design

The most recognizable feature of the Defender is the front and rear overhangs. These overhangs improve the geometry and functionality of the vehicle. The round front LED headlight is a distinct character of the Defender. We instantly recognize it by these characterful headlights.

defender headlights
defender headlights

Furthermore, the distinctive silhouette adds character to this SUV. Chamfered roofline adds to the overall appeal. The interiors are extremely functional. In addition, the interior has a design element full of intent. The commanding driving position gives you more control and comfort.

In addition, the 2020 Land Rover Defender has flexible interiors. The cabin walkthrough configuration provides immense flexibility. You can easily go from the front to the second row. Similarly, it also provides additional storage space.

defender interiors
defender interiors

The front jump seat can accommodate one extra passenger in the front row. This seat is foldable and acts as an armrest with cupholders. The seat configuration also includes a center console with a refrigerator compartment. The Land Rover Defender offers different seat options. It includes 5, 6 or 5 + 2 seats.

The accessory packs

The Landrover offers various accessory packs that suit your needs. So, you can simply enjoy your world. The explore pack can take you almost anywhere. You can conquer any uncharted place. Irrespective of the terrain you can take any trail you want. Thus, you simply create your own path.

Furthermore, the Adventure pack can take your Defender close to nature. You can take your passion to the new location away from the city. The country pack equips your Defender to conquer muddy terrains. While the urban pack makes the car stand out from the crowd. It has head-turning style elements.

Durability At Its Best

The Land Rover Defender design team has a clear focus on durability. First of all, the tire plays an important role in any SUV. So, the Defender has wide tires. The 32″ large tires absorb shocks and protect chassis. The increase in sidewall depth reduces the chances of punctures.

Furthermore, the unibody architecture has impressive strength. It makes the overall frame more robust and rugged. The 7.7-inch suspension adjustment makes every ride comfortable. It also provides impressive vehicular geometry.

In addition, satin wrap on the exterior adds to the fit and finish of the vehicle. It also protects the defender from scratches. The grained leather seats have canvas inspired textiles. They reduce the wear and tear. The all rubber flooring makes cleaning easier. The flush door seals allow easy cleaning of dirt and mud.

The front under shield protects the engine from difficult terrains. A-frame protection bar reduces frontal damage. In addition, the checker body protection kit protects the exterior of the Defender.

Capability to handle extreme

The Land Rover Defender is capable to handle all terrains. It comes with configurable terrain response technology. So, you can customize all your terrain needs. The break-over, approach, and departure angles are a class apart. This geometry of the defender makes it highly capable.

Furthermore, the electronic active differential, two-speed transfer case and all-wheel-drive make the defender a truly capable vehicle. The independent front and rear suspension give incredible comfort on the road. In addition, the electronic air suspension with adaptive dynamics gives you on-road comfort.

The dynamic load carrying capacity is 370lbs while static load carrying capacity is 661lbs. So, you can carry a rooftop tent very easily. The water-wading capacity of the defender is 35.4 inches. The wade program increases the height of the suspension. Similarly, a 3D surround camera with a wade-sense tells you the depth of the water immediately.

land rover defender water wading
land rover defender water wading

In addition, you can adjust the height of the vehicle by electronic air suspension. Active rear locking differential gives more traction in corners. All-terrain progress control acts as low-speed cruise control. Hence, you can tackle challenging terrain easily. The Defender also comes with hill descent control, low traction launch, and gradient release control.

Furthermore, the land rover defender offers two engine options. The first one is a 2.0L 4-cylinder Ingenium engine. The second option is the mild hybrid P400 MHEV engine that stores energy while decelerating and uses it again.

Technology at par

The Land Rover Defender comes with the latest driver assistant technology. The state of the art Pivi-Pro infotainment system gives great connectivity. Furthermore, the connected navigation pro system suggests alternate routes according to your previous preferences.

land rover defender clear sight
land rover defender clear sight

In addition, clear sight ground view technology gives a 3-dimensional view of your surroundings. It can also allow you to see through the hood. The 12.3″ high definition driver display gives you relevant information at a glance. It can also show you a full-screen map whenever you need it.

The head-up display shows you the gear position, speed and navigation direction. It can even show you incline and camber angles. The clear sight rear view mirror shows you live video feed from the rear. The standard wireless charging provides an easy charging solution. USB points are available in every row.

Furthermore, the Activity Key is an easier way to lock, unlock, start and drive your vehicle. It is just like a digital wrist clock. The remote software update keeps everything at the latest. The remote app can help you track your activity. The 4G WiFi keeps all the passengers connected.

Infotainment At Its Best

The 14 speakers 700W Meridian surround sound provides crystal clear sound. The two and three-zone climate control gives you clean and controlled air. The cabin air ionization system helps to keep air clean inside. Heated and cooled seats keep you comfortable all the time. Premium cabin lighting gives you 10 configurable options.

Furthermore, the driver-assist pack includes a clear exit monitor. The rear traffic monitor alerts you for any hazard when you are reversing. The adaptive cruise control automatically keeps your vehicle at a safe distance from the vehicle at the front.

In conclusion, 2020 Land rover defender is a real adventure SUV. The rugged exteriors with numerous features can take you almost anywhere.

Image Courtesy: Land Rover

Watch 2020 Land Rover Defender in action

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