Mercedes Benz EQC: Electric SUV from Mercedes is here

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Mercedes Benz EQC the first all-electric SUV from Mercedes

The Mercedes is one of the oldest manufacturers of luxury cars. From the beginning, the company strives to make excellent cars with uncompromised craftsmanship. Since the electric cars are advancing, every manufacturer is concentrating on electric vehicles. The Mercedes Benz is also not lagging behind. Mercedes recently unveiled the first all-electric SUV, the Mercedes Benz EQC.

Mercedes Benz EQC Front View
Mercedes Benz EQC Front View

The compact all-electric SUV is the first member of the Mercedes EQ family. Basically, EQC is based on Mercedes Benz EQ concept. The striking new looks and all-electric nature of the SUV creates a new milestone in the electric car industry.

The design of Mercedes Benz EQC

The EQC features the hallmark design, especially the Headlamps and an air inlet at the front showcase the progressive luxury. We can say that it is a clash of digital and analog design elements. The interiors are inspired by the world of consumer electronics.

The black panel at the front encloses the multibeam headlamps and grille. The headlamps are highlighted by high-gloss black. They indicate their striking connect to Mercedes EQ family. The optic fiber border at the top of the black panel creates a visual link between the torch-like DRL's.

Mercedes Benz EQC lighting
Mercedes Benz EQC lighting

So in the night, it creates a continuous, horizontal light band. In addition, the illuminated Mercedes logo adds to the beauty. This additional illumination of the logo in combination with Distronic technology acts as a position lamp for a stationary vehicle.

The exteriors, specifically the side windows, roof lines and rear of the vehicle resembles the coupe-like design. And hence, it's a crossover SUV. We can say that visually it fits between an SUV and a coupe.

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