What is Coupe Car ?


Understanding Coupe Car & Its Advantages:

The car designers use the term Coupe to refer to the two-doored vehicles having closed body i.e. non-retractable roof. In general term, these cars are nothing but the sedans having only two doors for passenger entry. A general sedan has four doors for the same purpose. Thus, ideally, these cars are suitable for two passengers only. In some cases, a very small rear seat is provided on it. However, it is not suitable for carrying passengers.

The word ‘coupe’ finds its origin in French language and its historical root dates back to 19th century. At that time, this term was used for the first time to refer the carriages that did not have the rear-facing seats.

A typical example of a vehicle of this kind of vehicle you can see in the image below:

BMW Z4 (Courtesy: BMW)

Usually, the manufacturers prefer this body type for the high-end versions of luxury and ultra- modern sports vehicles. Also, it is very popular in European and American markets.

Advantages of the coupe:

  1. Enhanced and aggressive body styling
  2. Light-weight body

Disadvantages of the coupe:

  1. Suitable only for two passengers
  2. Usually, these vehicles are costly

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