Drako GTE: 1200Hp electric supercar is here

Drako GTE

The most powerful GT car ever made

Drako Motors is a silicon valley based startup. Its founders Dean Drako and Shiv Sikand had a clear focus. They wanted to create a stunning supercar. As a result, now they have come up with Drako GTE. Drako GTE is not only stunning but also performance oriented supercar.

Drako GTE Side View
Drako GTE Side View

Since the beginning, both founders wanted to create a driver-focused supercar. The supercar that delivers exhilarating performance with maximum safety and control.

Furthermore, after almost a decade of research and engineering, now they have limited production Drako GTE electric supercars. Extensive track testing and designing makes this monster GT car a real electric game changer GT.

Drako GTE Design

The Drako GTE design is a combination of a muscular body which has elegance. It’s a four-seater GT with the sensuality of true GT car. The highly fluidic design reduces aerodynamic drag. The car feels firmly planted on the ground.

In addition, the lines running across the car highlights the sophistication of surfaces. At a glance, we can simply imagine its power and agility. This is where real design comes in. The design simply expresses the sheer emotion that comes with driving it.

Furthermore, the front of the Drako GTE is aggressive in nature. The plain surfaces surround the three air intakes at the front have interconnection by lines. This creates a signature design element. The slim lights with signature design create dominant expression. So, it also highlights an aggressive focus on the road ahead.

The ‘Coda Tronca’ design at the rear with fluidic shapes has a clear association with aerodynamics. Drako GTE’s aerodynamics plays a key role in everything. The front splitters and rear diffuser reveal the true nature of Grand Tourer. So, the design simply highlights the real DNA of the sports car.

Drako GTE Rear View
Drako GTE Rear View

The technology behind the scenes

The GTE’s quad motors are paired with the high capacity individual inverter. In addition, these motors have high endurance levels for high-performance driving. The Drako GTE precisely distributes massive +225kW to -225kW of potential power through each motor. All this happens in a matter of milliseconds. As a result, GTE responses to every driver’s input with near-zero latency.

Drako GTE Technology

Furthermore, GTE has a quad motor architecture that delivers precise control & performance. Four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motors generate 1200Hp. The 8800Nm of combined torque is delivered directly to each wheel via individual motor.

In addition, the direct-drive gearbox enables precise torque delivery. It also gives a turning capability at the same time. The GTE has a massive parallel cooled battery. It has 90kWH of energy capacity. Furthermore, the battery has the capacity to output 1800 continuous & 2200 peak amps. The battery seamlessly supplies 900kW of power to four motors. The parallel cooling architecture keeps every cell cool by dissipating heat quickly.

The Ohlins four-way adjustable suspension gives superior ride quality on the track and road. The Brembo brakes give amazing stopping power without fail in every situation and at any time.

Drako GTE Torque Vectoring

The Drako GTE has a torque differential of 4400Nm between the wheels. This means the quad motor setup can vector 2200 Nm of positive torque on the outside of the turn. In addition, it simultaneously applies 2200 Nm of negative torque to the wheels on the inside of the turn. As a result, you can cut through the corner at mindblowing speeds with precision. It also provides unmatched traction in every corner.

Drako GTE Console
Drako GTE Console

The Quatro mechanism on GTE has four switches on the console. You can enjoy any aspect of driving experience by using those. The switches on the console can control torque vectoring and slip control. You can also control regenerative braking and front/rear power distribution. So, you can simply adjust the whole power train characteristics.

Furthermore, you can select between six road surfaces dry, rain, snow, ice, race and track. The system will optimize the GTE’s performance accordingly.

The True Luxury

The Drako GTE is an ultra-premium modern sports car. This car easily accommodates four passengers with luggage. In addition, you can simply get in and out without any hassle. The seats have hand-stitched leather. The owners can customize interiors by selecting a wide range of materials and colors.


GTE has four permanent magnet synchronous electric motors. These motors create 1200Hp of massive power. It also produces 8880Nm of massive torque. Four direct drive gearboxes transmit power directly to the wheels.

Furthermore, the top speed of this electric supercar is 206mph. The battery has massive parallel cooling architecture. It produces 90kWh of energy. The standard AC charging is available with an onboard charger. The DC fast charging is also available.

In addition, 21inch wheels with Michelin pilot sport 4S tires give max grip. The disc brakes with 6-piston caliper at the front while 4-piston caliper at the rear give immense braking power.

In conclusion, Drako GTE is one of its kind electric sports car. We are very sure it will challenge all the electric sports car players in the market.

Image courtesy: Drako Motors

Watch Drako GTE in action

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