Drako GTE

Drako GTE: 1200Hp electric supercar is here

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The most powerful GT car ever made

Drako Motors is a silicon valley based startup. Its founders Dean Drako and Shiv Sikand had a clear focus. They wanted to create a stunning supercar. As a result, now they have come up with Drako GTE. Drako GTE is not only stunning but also performance oriented supercar.

Drako GTE Side View
Drako GTE Side View

Since the beginning, both founders wanted to create a driver-focused supercar. The supercar that delivers exhilarating performance with maximum safety and control.

Furthermore, after almost a decade of research and engineering, now they have limited production Drako GTE electric supercars. Extensive track testing and designing makes this monster GT car a real electric game changer GT.

Drako GTE Design

The Drako GTE design is a combination of a muscular body which has elegance. It's a four-seater GT with the sensuality of true GT car. The highly fluidic design reduces aerodynamic drag. The car feels firmly planted on the ground.

In addition, the lines running across the car highlights the sophistication of surfaces. At a glance, we can simply imagine its power and agility. This is where real design comes in. The design simply expresses the sheer emotion that comes with driving it.

Furthermore, the front of the Drako GTE is aggressive in nature. The plain surfaces surround the three air intakes at the front have interconnection by lines. This creates a signature design element. The slim lights with signature design create dominant expression. So, it also highlights an aggressive focus on the road ahead.

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