Cupra Tavascan concept: A Future-proof SUV is here

Cupra Tavascan

Cupra Tavascan: The SUV concept from the future

Cupra recently unveiled the all-new gamechanger SUV – the Cupra Tavascan. Although it’s a concept SUV, it gives you a glimpse of the future. Cupra is the brand of Spanish automotive manufacturer SEAT. The company has a strong presence in motorsports since 1985.

Cupra Tavascan Front View
Cupra Tavascan Front View

Furthermore, Cupra Tavascan is the first all-electric concept from SEAT. SEAT manufactures rally cars. It has secured prestigious titles in the world rally championship (WRC). The company has strong technical know-how in manufacturing cars. These include rally, racing, and high-performance road cars.

The Cupra Tavascan is coupe and SUV both at the same time. The coupe SUV features a hundred percent electric power train. In addition, it’s an aerodynamic vehicle with zero tailpipe emissions.

The Design

The exterior has sleek lines, focussing on efficiency. These lines also highlight performance. The paint-work has a clear emphasis on elegant copper details and tone-on-tone carbon fiber.

Furthermore, the Cupra logo illuminating in the center clearly shows the electric personality of the SUV. The air vents at the front keep the battery pack cool. They also ease airflow. Hence, it’s a critical component in car design.

In addition, the 22″ turbine alloy wheels ease the airflow around. So, they reduce the aerodynamic drag. The rear diffuser has a clear focus on providing aerodynamics. The cost-to-cost rear lights span the full width of the car.

Cupra Tavascan interiors

The interiors of Tavascan is a combination of style and functionality. Furthermore, the carbon fiber structure provides a lightweight cabin. The LED ambient lighting gives calm surroundings inside.

Cupra Tavascan seating
Cupra Tavascan seating

The 3D leather bucket seats maximize the comfort of every occupant. The dashboard has a wing shape. It features a 12.3″ digital display. It gives all the key information to the driver. In addition, the 13″ infotainment display fulfills your infotainment needs. Furthermore, we can shift its position towards passengers for better viewing.

Cupra Tavascan Interiors
Cupra Tavascan Interiors

We proved our technological capabilities by developing world’s first 100% electric touring car. Now with Cupra Tavascan we are translating our vision into streets and proving performance can be electrified.

CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths.


Cupra Tavascan is a powerful SUV. It features two electric motors on each axle. In total, it produces 225kW of power to all four wheels. Furthermore, 77kWH battery pack seats on the vehicles floor. In one charge it can cover a distance upto 450kms.

In conclusion, Cupra is entering into the tough electric SUV market with a bang. We are sure it will succeed for sure.

Image Courtesy: Cupra Official

Watch Cupra Tavascan in action:

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