Rimac C Two

Rimac C Two Electric Hypercar: A Serious Threat To Tesla?

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Rimac Concept Two: An Electric Hypercar In The Making..!

Rimac Automobili is a Croatian manufacturer of electric supercars. The company recently unveiled the Rimac C Two electric hypercar. This car is the next model in the pipeline with lots of performance upgrades and improvements. The Rimac concept one is the first model in the segment and Rimac Concept Two is next one.

Rimac C Two Exteriors
C Two Exteriors

Rimac C Two: A breakthrough in design

Rimac is very keen in designing products. Everything that is designed, has some purpose in it. The purpose may be active or passive. The elegant styling with timeless design makes this car a class apart. The butterfly doors make the entry into the car a dramatic experience. The wide opening doors always make entry seamless, effortless and comfortable.

The sculptured rear view along with the width of 1.986mm marks the car's presence anywhere. We can clearly say that it’s not an ordinary presence but an extraordinary one. Forged alloy wheels are lightweight and aerodynamic. Now, what you can say? The wheels, themselves are aerodynamic. Such a minute thinking makes this car appealing and unique.

Rimac C Two Aerodynamic Wheels
Rimac C Two Aerodynamic Wheels

Furthermore, the aerodynamic wheels channel the air to the carbon ceramic brakes. Thus, this ensures optimum temperatures and avoids overheating.  The tires have a bespoke design. They have specially designed compound in collaboration with Pirelli.

The high intensity LED Headlights are made up of 58 LEDs. The handmade squadron of LEDs is integrated into Rimac control unit. It illuminates the roads clearly. Both the Headlights and tail-lights have a ventilation system. These air outlets keep the headlights under normal working temperature.

Rimac C Two: profoundly active Aerodynamics

Firstly, Rimac changed the concept of Aerodynamics. The Rimac C Two has active aerodynamics which helps the car to change the aerodynamic profile. The change in aerodynamics helps the car to reduce the aerodynamic drag coefficient. As a result, the car simply cuts the air smoothly without losing performance and efficiency.

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