Rimac C Two Electric Hypercar: A Serious Threat To Tesla?

Rimac C Two electric hypercar

Rimac Concept Two: An Electric Hypercar In The Making..!

Rimac Automobili is a Croatian manufacturer of electric supercars. The company recently unveiled the Rimac C Two electric hypercar. This car is the next model in the pipeline with lots of performance upgrades and improvements. The Rimac concept one is the first model in the segment. Rimac Concept Two is the next one.

Rimac C Two electric hypercar Exteriors
Rimac C Two electric hypercar Exteriors

A breakthrough in design:

Rimac is very keen on designing products. Everything that they create has some purpose in it. This purpose may be active or passive. The elegant styling with timeless design makes this car a class apart. The butterfly doors make the entry into the car a dramatic experience. The wide opening doors always make access seamless, effortless, and comfortable.

The sculptured rear view, along with the width of 1,986mm, marks the car’s presence anywhere. You can clearly say that it’s not an ordinary presence but an extraordinary one. Forged alloy wheels are lightweight and aerodynamic. Now, what can you say? The wheels themselves are aerodynamic. Such a minute thinking makes this car appealing and unique.

Rimac C Two Aerodynamic Wheels
Rimac C Two Aerodynamic Wheels

Furthermore, the aerodynamic wheels channel the air to the carbon-ceramic brakes. Thus, it ensures optimum temperatures and avoids overheating. The tires have a bespoke design. They have a specially designed compound in collaboration with Pirelli.

The manufacturer made high-intensity LED Headlights of 58 LEDs. Then, they integrated the handmade squadron of LEDs into the Rimac control unit. And, It illuminates the roads. Besides, both the headlights and taillights have a ventilation system. These air outlets keep the headlights under average working temperature.

Rimac C Two: profoundly active aerodynamics

Firstly, Rimac changed the concept of aerodynamics. As a result, the Rimac C Two has active aerodynamics. It helps the car to change its aerodynamic profile. Furthermore, the change in aerodynamics helps the car reduce the aerodynamic drag coefficient. As a result, the car simply cuts the air smoothly without losing performance and efficiency.

The bonnet of the car has active flaps. These flaps change the aerodynamic profile effectively. The Low-Drag mode makes the car more aerodynamic with the help of a front splitter. In addition, the front splitter helps in lowering the temperature of batteries and electronics.

The most noteworthy future of the car is Aero Air-Brake. The manufacturer fully integrated Aero Air-Brake into the rear of the car. Besides, the aero-wing adapts to the various positions in accordance with a load in the car. As a result, Aero Air-Brake increases cornering downforce and maximizes the top speed. Furthermore, on extreme breaking, it will act as a full Air-Brake and help to stabilize the vehicle.

In addition, the fully flat floor with an optimized venture effect removes positive pressure from the bottom. Active rear flaps alter the impact and optimize the air flowing from beneath. The flaps also help to reduce the temperature of batteries stored underneath.

Under the hood of Rimac C Two:

The Rimac C Two has an entire carbon-fiber body. Thus, it makes the car strong, durable, and lightweight. The integrated battery pack and bonded carbon roof add more to its structural advantages. In addition, the crash structures are made up of aluminum and carbon fiber, giving more strength.

The C two features a liquid-cooled battery pack holding 120kWh. This massive battery produces an enormous power of 1.4MW. Moreover, Rimac optimized the battery pack for the best possible power-to-weight ratio. Besides, it also passes stringent safety standards.

The four electric motors attached to each wheel give immense dynamic control. The oil-cooled motors provide an instant response with 97% efficiency. The motors are maintenance-free. They are able to achieve maximum torque from zero rpm.

The single-speed gearbox is attached to each front wheel, while double speed gearbox is attached to each rear wheel. This kind of arrangement helps to distribute massive power efficiently. No wonder this car has mind-blowing acceleration. It goes 0-60mph in just 1.85seconds. Besides, Rimac C Two has a top speed of 412 km/h.

Rimac C Two: Technologies you never saw before

The C Two electric hypercar features a virtual driving coach. The ‘Driving Coach’ function helps to learn racing in real-time. Besides, the car can load selected race tracks on the onboard systems. They allow you to race. The system also helps in acceleration, braking, and guidance on racing lines.

The electric motor for each wheel enables torque vectoring. As a result, you no longer need to reduce your speed at corners. The R-AWTV system replaces traditional ESP and TCS. Besides, it enables minute infinite control on the torque applied to each wheel. Hence, you get precise and dynamic control on every wheel.

Furthermore, the car also features facial recognition. Rimac C Two electric hypercar is far ahead of its competitors. So, you don’t need keys or smartphones to unlock the car. It just requires your face. Moreover, the 500 telemetry channels help to integrate everything in a mobile app or laptop. Hence, you can analyze everything in real-time.

Besides, the unique ADAS AI-based functions help you keep your car safe. The collision prevention and blind-spot monitoring systems keep you safe. The lane-keeping function, including traffic pilot functionality, makes your travel stress free. The ADAS system also recognizes prevalent weather conditions and adapts accordingly.

However, the system is agile and sensitive at the same time. Thus, it is possible due to eight onboard cameras, six radar emitters, and twelve ultrasonic sensors. The car also has an IMU sensor and precise GPS technology for autonomous driving.

The Rimac C two electric hypercar interiors:

electric hypercar Interiors
Rimac C Two electric hypercar Interiors

Furthermore, the six screens on the dashboard help you navigate select or play. The co-drivers display shows the relevant information on the go. The billet aluminum rotary switches are gorgeous and functional at the same time. As a result, the owner can simply control everything via those controls. It includes starting/stopping of the vehicle and torque management. In addition, it displays the only relevant information as per drivers’ needs. So, the displays remain clutter-free and intuitive all the time.

Rimac C Two: The Tourer at its heart

The car has a seating capacity of two, including the luggage. The car also has a range of 650 km. The fully electric Sports seats are able to accommodate almost anyone with a helmet. So, it really doesn’t matter whether you are touring or on a race track. The rear trunk is customizable according to the owner’s need.

Rimac C Two Doors
Rimac C Two Doors

Perfection redefined in the Rimac C Two electric hypercar:

They built this car to perfection and detail. However, it doesn’t look aggressive or passive at all. Every part of the car is seamless and fits perfectly into each other. The on-site production helps Rimac build cars according to exact customer expectations. Everything the company produces under one roof, from metals & carbon fiber to electronics. Additionally, Rimac even has the tooling of every individual piece on site. Thus, all this helps in building a quality product in the end.

In conclusion, Rimac C Two is a piece of art and engineering simultaneously. The breathtaking design and performance are a creation of passion and nothing else.

Watch Remac C Two Unveiled:

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