What is Lane keeping Assist & How Does It Work?

lane keeping assist

Lane Keeping Assist Explained

Lane-keeping assist is a driver assistance system that keeps the vehicle in the lane. The system actively assists the driver in keeping the vehicle in the designated lane.

Furthermore, the long journeys and straight highways increase fatigue and distraction. As a result, the driver may drive out of the lane unintentionally.

Lane keeping assist in action
Lane-keeping Assist in action.

According to research, we can avoid 26% of accidents on the road by using this system. So, the system helps prevent fatal injuries and avoid accidents. It is an active driver assistance system. The system continuously monitors the road. Besides, it also takes necessary corrective action on steering.

The Components

The lane-keeping assist works on camera. The latest generation multipurpose camera combines AI along with image-processing algorithms. As a result, you will have more system accuracy and reliability.

How Does Lane keeping Assist Work?

The system uses a video camera. The camera continuously detects lane markings on the road and vehicle position. If the vehicle’s distance from the lane markings falls below a certain threshold, the system gets into action.

Furthermore, The system counter-steers very gently but noticeably with electric power steering or EPAS in the vehicle. If the vehicle doesn’t have EPAS, the system uses ESP to achieve the same effect by braking individual wheels.

In addition, the driver can take back control at any time. So, drivers can override the function at any time. If the driver activates turn signals or intentionally changes the lane, the system does not interfere. So, the system is safe and reliable all the time.


The assistance system differs from lane departure warning and lane centering assist. Fundamentally, Lane-keeping Assist provides mild corrective action by gently counter-steering. On the other hand, Lane-centering is an ADAS system. So, it’s more autonomous and highly active. In contrast, a Lane-departure Warning warns the driver but doesn’t interfere with the steering.


The system actively keeps the vehicle in a marked lane. So, it enhances overall safety by making decisions early. The gentle counter-steers also keep the driver alert and avoid accidents in the event of distraction. So, the driver remains in the marked lane all the time. The system can execute its function using either EPAS or ESP. Hence, a vehicle with any available system can incorporate this functionality.

Image courtesy: KIA

Watch Lane-keeping Assist in Action

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