What is Home Zone Park Assist & how does it work?

home zone park assist

Home Zone Park Assist Explained:

As we know, every day, you need to enter and exit your home parking space. It’s like a ritual that you need to do every day, whether you like it or not. The Home Zone Park Assist helps to automate this repetitive task.

home zone park assist dash
Home Zone Park Assist Dash

So, with a touch of a button, you can park your vehicle at home entirely automatically. Thanks to Home Zone Park Assist, the daily tedious task can become complete peace of mind. Even the system detects obstacles and adjusts the path as per the surrounding environment. In addition, the driver can decide to operate the parking procedure either from outside the vehicle or from inside. So, the driver has a choice all the time.


First, the Home Zone Park Assist depends on four essential components. The first one is the ultrasonic sensor. An ultrasonic sensor detects the obstacles and monitors the space while maneuvering or parking. In addition, the near-range camera is the second component. The camera provides a clear view of the surroundings to the driver.

Furthermore, the ESP is the third component. ESP provides braking control to the vehicle. It helps in breaking the vehicle in case of obstacles. It also offers protection from skidding. The fourth component is the Corner Radar Sensor. So, the Corner Radar Sensor adds to the convenience and safety of the occupants. It also provides automated driving functionalities.

How Does Home Zone Park Assist Work?

Furthermore, this system takes over the recurring parking maneuvers. First, the driver needs to teach the system manually. Then, the driver takes the vehicle into the parking space manually once. So the system can understand the path. The system also needs to understand the beginning and end of the route. Both these things happen in the first training drive. Besides, you need to do this procedure only once.

Furthermore, the system can store ten different parking procedures. Thus, when the vehicle arrives at the beginning of the route, it parks itself automatically in a designated parking space. In case of the system detects an obstacle, it brakes. If an obstacle is not that big or the vehicle needs a slight adjustment in the route, it can steer itself around the obstacle.

The Sensor Data Fusion creates a clear sense of understanding and a robust generation of surroundings digitally. Ultimately, you can park your car automatically with just the press of a button. So, when the driver activates the Home Zone Park Assist, they need to check the vehicle’s movement. Then, they can stop this action at any time.


First of all, the system saves time and avoids stressful parking maneuvers all the time. The system completely automates the routine parking procedure, adding peace of mind. Besides, it can also take on maneuvers up to 100 meters.

Furthermore, the system can detect obstacles and steer accordingly. Thus, it makes entire home parking automated and safe.

Image courtesy: Bosch

Watch Home Zone Park Assist in action

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