Bosch virtual visor

Bosch Virtual Visor: What you need to know.

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Virtual Visor by Bosch: A new safety system for drivers

Bosch is a German technology and engineering company. The company has numerous innovations and engineering products in the automobile sector. The company recently unveiled Bosch Virtual Visor. The new visor avoids a temporary blinding effect due to sun rays coming directly towards you from the windshield.

Bosch virtual visor cabin view
Bosch virtual visor cabin view

Furthermore, the sun glare causes a lot of accidents. The sun rays hitting your face specifically during dawn or dusk cause significant blindness. As a result, you can't properly see oncoming traffic or any obstructions on the road, leading to dangerous accidents.

In addition, the traditional sun visor avoids sun rays but it drastically reduces your field of vision. So, this is again a safety concern. To avoid all these problems, the idea of virtual visor got traction at Bosch.

Some of the simplest innovation results in greatest impact, the virtual visor change the way driver see's the world.

Dr. Steffen Berns. President, Bosch car multimedia.

The Background Behind Bosch Virtual Visor

Bosch is rethinking driver safety and comfort. This exercise leads to new innovation in most neglected sun visor. The sun causes twice as many car accidents as any other weather-related ones. Hence, it is a serious safety issue. The risk of a car crash is 16% higher during bright sunlight than in normal weather.

In addition, the traditional sun visor blocks the sun from your eyes but it also blocks your view. Bosch offers an innovative solution to this problem - Bosch Virtual Visor.

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