Audi AI Trail

Audi AI: TRAIL the future off-roader is here

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Audi AI: Trail a new off-roader concept car

The German automobile manufacturer Audi recently unveiled Audi AI: Trail. Audi AI: Trail is an off-roader visionary vehicle from Audi. Although it's in the concept-vehicle stage, it significantly showcases the future of mobility.

Audi AI Trail Rear View
Audi AI Trail Rear View

Furthermore, the AI: Trail is a sustainable mobility solution. It's a four-seater vehicle with automated driving capability. In addition, it has superb off-road driving abilities. The glass surrounding the cabin extends to ground level. Hence, you will have a clear, obstruction-free view of the surroundings.

In addition, the ample battery capacity takes you further in the trail. So, you have a sufficient range. The trail part in the name comes from the idea of exploring nature. No big screens to stream media in the cabin. The basic idea is to enjoy nature in the closest possible way. Thus, you will enjoy the pristine views of nature.

The Vision

Audi is also trying to streamline the owning process in the future. More and more users are not owning the car. Instead, they prefer leasing it. So, in the future, customers can demand any specialist models. They can order from Audi on-demand vehicle pool. Even they can select a car that suits their personal preferences. So, they can simply rent them from a mobile app.

Furthermore, Audi provides a lot of configuration options through the app. The color, interior, and technical options are available at the fingertips. Even you can set up the driver's preferred temperature, seat adjustment and music library. So, when you enter the vehicle you are all set and ready to roll.

Audi AI: Trail Exteriors

The exteriors at the glance simply showcase its off-road capabilities. The large 22" wheels with 850mm tires are simply outstanding. The 34cm ground clearance enhances its capability. It can easily wade through the water more than half a meter deep.

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