BMW Vision M Next

BMW Vision M Next: What you need to know

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BMW Vision M Next concept is here

The BMW Group manufactures luxurious cars in the world. The Brand is steadily bringing concept cars into reality. The company recently unveiled its new concept BMW Vision M Next. In the past, the brand had shown its capability with BMW Vision I Next.

BMW Vision M Next Rear View
BMW Vision M Next Rear View

Furthermore, the BMW Vision M Next clearly shows the brand's dynamic character. The exterior design with clear surface contouring and sports car proportions highlight the brand's mission. The minimalistic interiors engage the driver further. The driver achieves perfection in his driving skills by digital intelligence.

In addition, this car clearly focuses on D+ACES technology. D+ACES means Design, Autonomous driving, Connectivity, Electrification, and Service. It's nothing but the future of automotive technology. Thus, it is the future of the BMW Group at a large.

The exteriors

The main inspiration behind M Next design is BMW Turbo and BMW i8. This design is futuristic. It has the future interpretation of design elements such as low-slung, gullwing doors, silhouette having wedge shapes and color schemes.

M Next Exteriors
M Next Exteriors

The striking contrast of colours brings more dynamism in the BMW Vision M Next. Few crisp lines add to the real beauty. The eye-catching front has unique shapes and colors. The bonnet surface above the kidney grille looks muscular. The outer edges of the kidney grille remind us of the turbine's air intake.

Furthermore, the color inside the kidney grille emphasizes depth. The grill is actually blanked off by transparent layers. Even the grill has some compression in design at the center. So, it highlights cars' forward-looking expression. For the first time, BMW uses laser-wire lighting technology in BMW M Next. The triangular headlight design gives a more modern look, highlighting racing aesthetics.

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