BMW Vision iNext concept

BMW Vision iNext Concept: your next favorite space.

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BMW Vision iNext autonomous SUV

BMW is a German automotive manufacturer. The company has a great vision for the future and its working on it. It had earlier unveiled the BMW concept 9cento a futuristic two-wheeler. With the same vision, the BMW group recently unveiled BMW Vision iNext concept autonomous SUV.

BMW Vision iNext concept exteriors
BMW Vision iNext concept

BMW vision iNext concept is a fully autonomous SUV. It features a fully connected and fully electric driving experience. It will be a Level-3 autonomous SUV from BMW. The series production model would be a technological marvel. It will come into production from 2021.

The iNext concept will open a new traveling experience. The group aims to convert traditional driving experience into the more homely experience. So, the road becomes your favorite destination. You just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the new traveling experience.

BMW Vision iNext interiors re-imagined.

The new innovations like autonomous driving, connected mobility, and electrified mobility create a new possibility in the interior design. You can simply re-imagine the entire interiors as a whole new experience. You can create more sense of space and that is where BMW is focussing on.

The BMW vision iNext has more space where you can relax, interact, concentrate and entertain yourself. The interiors are more lik living space. The living space was previously imagined by Renault in its Symbioz concept car.

The iNext features two modes for interiors. The Boost mode and Ease mode. In the Boost mode, the display and steering wheel are positioned towards the driver. In the Ease mode, steering retracts slightly creating more sense of space. Hence, the environment surrounding the driver changes immediately.

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