BMW Vision iNext Concept: your next favorite space.

BMW Vision iNext concept

BMW Vision iNext autonomous SUV

BMW is a German automotive manufacturer. The company has a great vision for the future and its working on it. It had earlier unveiled the BMW concept 9cento a futuristic two-wheeler. With the same vision, the BMW group recently unveiled BMW Vision iNext concept autonomous SUV.

BMW Vision iNext concept exteriors
BMW Vision iNext concept

BMW vision iNext concept is a fully autonomous SUV. It features a fully connected and fully electric driving experience. It will be a Level-3 autonomous SUV from BMW. The series production model would be a technological marvel. It will come into production from 2021.

The iNext concept will open a new traveling experience. The group aims to convert traditional driving experience into the more homely experience. So, the road becomes your favorite destination. You just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the new traveling experience.

BMW Vision iNext interiors re-imagined.

The new innovations like autonomous driving, connected mobility, and electrified mobility create a new possibility in the interior design. You can simply re-imagine the entire interiors as a whole new experience. You can create more sense of space and that is where BMW is focussing on.

The BMW vision iNext has more space where you can relax, interact, concentrate and entertain yourself. The interiors are more lik living space. The living space was previously imagined by Renault in its Symbioz concept car.

The iNext features two modes for interiors. The Boost mode and Ease mode. In the Boost mode, the display and steering wheel are positioned towards the driver. In the Ease mode, steering retracts slightly creating more sense of space. Hence, the environment surrounding the driver changes immediately.

Vision iNext interiors
Vision iNext interiors

The interiors of the iNext SUV are inviting. The use of pure fine wood and Jacquard fabric makes the interior more appealing with a lounge-like experience. The coffee table appears hovering around, giving interiors a more elemental touch.

BMW Vision iNext exteriors

The iNext is the future SUV and so it’s exteriors. The clearly sculpted forms and surfaces highlight the trailblazing characters of the SUV. The liquid grey rose copper exteriors change the shade from copper to dark rose. The paintwork and detailing give extraordinary styling.

The large double kidney grill and side window graphics remind of the iconic BMW brand. Blue accent surfaces are present at the front, on the sides and at the back. These surfaces light up when you unlock the car, catching attention. The seamless integration of headlamps and windows highlights smooth and flawless exteriors yet again.

Tech to Shytech the iNext tech experience

The vision iNext features new technology that fades away when it is not required. So, the driver is not surrounded by keys, knobs, and buttons. The driver can visualize only the steering wheel and screen. The other technological features are hidden and appear only when needed. So, this type of tech experience creates fewer distractions and keeps the passengers at the center stage all the time.

The deliberate fading away of technology (shy tech) creates an unmatched user experience. It also make things available and operational only when you need them.

The iNext project acts as a building block for the future of mobility. It will benefit entire company. The BMW is incorporating all key future mobility technologies in one car for the first time.

Harald Krüger
Chairman of the Board of Management, BMW AG

The Shy Tech

The intelligent personal assistant activates when you say ‘Hey BMW’. You can control all your connected devices including your home via a personal assistant. Besides, the new assistant also keeps on learning over time as you communicate with the assistant.

BMW Vision iNext intelligent material
BMW Vision iNext intelligent material

In addition, the use of intelligent material is brilliantly done. You can control music by touching the jacquard cloth. It has integral control functionality. However, it activates when you touch the surface by fingers and you can control it by the gesture. The LED lights up under the cloth gives visual feedback to an input made.

Furthermore, the intelligent beam acts as an interactive projector or as a reading light. The intelligent beam creates projected surfaces inside the car. The beam can project images and graphics, giving more interactive experience controllable via touch. So, you can visualize the information in the projected format rather on the screen, opening up new opportunities.

In conclusion, BMW is clearly focusing on its vision to future mobility. It will surely make a mark in the future.

Watch BMW Vision iNext concept in action

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