Renault Symbioz concept car: a new living space.

Renault Symbioz concept car

Renault Symbioz concept:

Renault is a French-origin, multinational company manufacturing cars since 1899. The company is manufacturing different vehicle types including trucks and tractors. Renault is also showcasing future concept cars such as Trezor and most recent one is Renault Symbioz.

Renault Symbioz concept car rear view
Renault Symbioz concept car rear view

The basic concept behind this car is to blur the lines between your car and the living space. The car is designed in such way that it will simply fit between you and your living space. In addition, it also boasts the feature of a mobile home. Your car is your home and nothing else.

Renault Symbioz concept car: The symbiotic relation

The Renault Symbioz concept car cabin is multifunctional. It is a real extension of your home. The colors, materials, design all aspects are considered while designing this concept. So, at any moment, you will never feel that you are away from your home even though you actually are.

Renault Symbioz concept car interiors
Renault Symbioz concept car interiors

The car becomes an additional room. All the electronic aids are at your disposal. The welcoming interiors and exteriors delight you every day. So, it’s just like a lounge. And, you can simply chit chat one on one facing each other just like you do in your home.

Renault Symbioz: Taking self-driving at all new levels

The SYMBIOZ is an autonomous car with various driving modes. The manual mode is also available as an option. The most noteworthy feature of the car is the lounge mode. This mode offers a new driving experience.

Furthermore, in lounge mode, the front seats swirl by 180 degrees. This type of movement changes the driving experience altogether. Change in seat position means you can freely converse with the rear passengers. In addition, you can simply see the landscape sweeping away through glass sunroof. Sometimes, you simply feel you are into changing the landscape and not on the road.

Renault Symbioz: Connects everything from the car to home

The Renault Symbioz takes home automation to the possible extremities. Your home charges your car automatically. Also, your car can fulfill the home electricity needs wherever required. Thus, your home and car are in the symbiotic relationship.

Renault Symbioz concept car with home
Renault Symbioz concept car with home

It simply means your home and your car understand each other well. So, they are able to fulfill each other’s needs. While this also means that the life will be easier. You are in a digital ecosystem which will automatically fulfill your need to commute.

Renault Symbioz: The three driving modes you are hoping for

First of all, Renault will equip the Symbioz with Multi-Sense 3.0 system. The car comes with three driving modes – Classic, Dynamic, and AD. You can select the driving mode by pressing the Renault logo in the middle of the steering wheel.

Classic Mode: The classic mode is standard mode. So in this mode, the driving position is conventional. The classic mode focuses on comfort which just feels like home.

Dynamic mode: This mode boosts sensation of driving. This mode provides the additional lateral support giving more feel of the bucket seat. The chassis, steering and engine response are more aggressive. Hence, driving is more active.

AD mode: This mode optimizes the space in front of the driver. S/He can do more hands-off activities. When you activate the AD mode, the steering wheel and dashboard move backswords by 12 centimeters while giving more legroom. This mode is for more relaxed and comfortable ride.

Renault Symbioz concept car lounge
Renault Symbioz concept car lounge

In conclusion, The Renault Symbioz concept car is an active integration of the car and your personal space. So, this beautiful integration makes this car an integral part of your home.

Watch Renault Symbioz in action here:

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