VW ID Buggy

VW ID Buggy is here & it’s completely electric

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Volkswagen reveals VW ID Buggy

Volkswagen Group is a global automotive manufacturer. The company has a range of concept vehicles. The recent announcement from the company is VW ID Buggy. This dune buggy highlights VW's latest MEB platform.

The company is announcing a series of ID concept vehicles. VW is also expecting commercial production of VW ID concept car by 2020. The ID concept car will be the first electric vehicle from Volkswagen for masses.

The idea of dune buggies goes back to 1964. In those days Bruce Mayers assembled the first dune buggy from shortened VW beetle chassis. These buggies became famous as it traveled from Tijuana to La Paz in record race time. It became a classic car in 1970.

The modern VW ID buggy

VW is continuing its legacy but now it's completely electric. The new concept of Buggy has its conceptual origin from famous historical buggy models from California.

Volkswagen has a MEB (Modern Electric Toolkit) platform for all its upcoming electric vehicles. This particular platform is flexible and capable enough to accommodate the odd shape and sizes like VW ID buggy. Hence it proves the flexibility of the VW MEB platform.

The buggy has no traditional roof lines and no doors. Furthermore, the free-standing wheels and off road tyres marks its domination. The futuristic sideskirts add to its design preposition.

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