Infiniti prototype 10

Infiniti prototype 10: speedster of your dream

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Infiniti prototype 10 the electrifying speedster

Infiniti is a luxury car division of Japanese automotive giant Nissan. The company is known for its innovation and concept cars. Infiniti recently unveiled the SUV concept QX Inspiration while Infiniti prototype 10 is a recent entrant in its concept vehicles.

Infiniti prototype 10 front look
Infiniti prototype 10 front view

The Infiniti prototype 10 is a single-seater retro race car. This car has a vintage look but it has modern age technology. It's purely a mix of the classic and modern world. The prototype 10 also highlights the era of vintage racing in a modern way.

In addition, Infiniti is also aiming to electrify all its cars starting from 2021 and it is working in that direction. So, the company is taking electrification as an opportunity. The modern world will be going electric and its all about performance, efficiency, and emissions. Furthermore, with all this electrification, the car should be rewarding to drive and this is where Infiniti prototype 10 currently stands.

The design: modern and classic

The performance of the speedster clearly highlights in its exteriors. The long bonnet and open cockpit reminds you the speedster layout with optimal proportions. The fin at the back of the driver ads more to its design language expressing dramatic contrast.

In addition, the flat underbody highlights its aerodynamics. The large air intakes on both sides cool down the electric motor. The flowing bodywork with clear lines adds to the character.

All the surfaces on Infiniti prototype 10 are uninterrupted and as smooth as possible. So there is no clutter. Angular detailing with skyward facing surfaces are extremely smooth; interpreting strong link between design and electric propulsion.

Infiniti prototype 10 side look
Infiniti prototype 10 side view

Furthermore, the single-seater cockpit is entirely focused on the driver. The steer-by-wire technology adds more beauty in the cockpit. The carbon fiber struts hold the steering wheel. These struts also obstruct the air coming from the front as Prototype 10 has no windshield. The low-seating position keeps only drivers head visible from outside.

"Prototype 10 outlines shift towards electrification at Infiniti. In the coming future, our cars will have extra range, performance, and intelligent energy management."

Roland Krueger, president, Infiniti.

The performance

Furthermore, Infiniti is slowly electrifying all of its power-trains. The prototype 10 has off the line acceleration. So, it can achieve high speeds in the smartest way possible. The Infiniti prototype 10 also inspires new fully electric and e-Powered vehicles. Hence, they will have ultra-low emissions. The prototype 10 delivers hundred percent of its torque by a slight push on the accelerator paddle; thanks to its smooth flowing design.

In conclusion, Infiniti prototype 10 is the glimpse of the future at Infinity. The company is keen on delivering the utmost driving satisfaction in this electric era.

Watch Infiniti prototype 10 in action

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