Infinti QX Inspiration concept

Infiniti QX Inspiration concept: What you need to know

Infiniti QX Inspiration: An electric SUV for the future

Infiniti is the luxury division of automobile manufacturer Nissan. Nissan is a Japanese automotive manufacturer since 1933. Nissan is aiming to convert the entire Infiniti brand into an electric-car brand. Infiniti QX Inspiration concept is just a glimpse of the future. Hence, the Infiniti cars will be either hybrid or fully electric from 2021.

Infinti QX Inspiration Exteriors
Infinti QX Inspiration Exteriors

The Infiniti QX Inspiration concept is not only a fully electric SUV but also an entirely new design language for the brand. The company aims to convert all its offerings into fully electric or hybrid versions. So, the company decided to design all the cars from ground up and QX Inspiration is just the start.

Furthermore, Infiniti QX Inspiration defines Infiniti's new era of design with superior performance. The SUV also bolsters the range confidence among people as people are really concerned about electric vehicle's range all the time.

A design with Japanese DNA

The Infiniti QX Inspiration concept follows modern principles in Japanese design and architecture. The whole SUV is influenced by Japanese Origami and signature color treatment that resembles Japanese ceramic work and lacquer-ware.

The exterior follows the concept of 'Ma', that means the use of open space between the lines to create tension. The long roof line is highly aerodynamic and sleek. The headlamp's laser-like pattern reflects throughout the exterior and interior.

The front grille has smooth surfaces that divert the air over and around the body of the SUV. So it adds to aerodynamics as a whole. The rear of the Infiniti QX Inspiration concept ends with a slopping kammback. Hence, it is aerodynamically efficient at the rear as well.

New technology gives opportunity to evolve our design philosophy.

Karim Habib, Design Director, Infiniti.

Infiniti QX Inspiration has state of the art interiors.

The electric vehicles give lots of extra space as compared to traditional vehicles and this brings new opportunities to create something new. The Infiniti has taken the advantage of extra space, creating a lounge-like interior with soothing and relaxing space for four.

QX Inspiration Interiors
QX Inspiration Interiors

The interiors of the SUV drag the occupants inside when the clamshell doors open. Thus, it follows the Japanese hospitality principle 'omotenashi'. These doors also allow an easy ingress.

QX Inspiration marks the beginning of a new generation of Infiniti cars and it is a blueprint for the brand's first electric vehicle.

Christian Meunier, President, Infiniti.

The distinctive roof creates beautiful patterns inside the cabin. The polarized gold-tinted wide-screen display gives all the information you need. The steering wheel also has its own display while the dashboard just stands out brilliantly. The ambient lights inside the cabin are more appealing and remarkably highlight the colors of Japanese spring.

QX Inspiration concept dashboard
QX Inspiration concept dashboard

The Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept and the future

Infiniti QX Inspiration is a just a concept model and the company is yet to reveal the production model. So, we don't know what it will offer under the hood. The SUV suggests its four-wheel drive nature while the range and performance is still a mystery. We are very sure the future SUV market will be dominated by all-electric vehicles.

Watch Infiniti QX Inspiration in action

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