TuSimple: Next level autonomous trucking is here

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TuSimple autonomous trucking

TuSimple is a startup working on Level 4 autonomous driving solution for trucks since 2015. The entire startup is purely based on AI, computer vision, algorithms, and mapping technology.

TuSimple 1000m. perception
TuSimple 1000m. perception

The company is also focusing on low carbon emission and safe self-driving technology. The startup also wants to reduce overall transportation cost without compromising the environment. The China based startup is currently testing its autonomous trucking tech on few commercial truck operators in Arizona, USA.

Tusimple simple technology at its best

The startup is using computer vision technology. It aims to achieve level 4 autonomous commercial trucking and so, it is developing technology in that direction. The computer vision technology views and senses the surrounding as humans do. So, the advancement to such a level brings higher accuracy and more safety.

TuSimple uses camera, lidar, and radar in order to sense up to 1000 meter ahead all the time. The perception of such a long distance helps to make early decisions like lane changing, braking etc. The long hauling trucks need a long distance to brake, change lanes and take any other driving decision. This technology is a new benchmark in autonomous trucking.

The TuSimple is full stack autonomous driving technology. The deep learning algorithms can interpret at the pixel level. Hence, this technology brings decimeter level of positioning accuracy in tunnels as well.

AI and TuSimple

The artificial intelligence system designed by the startup helps in taking accurate decisions. It includes guiding the vehicle for taking the most fuel-saving route. All the decisions are real-time in accordance with maps and current condition of terrain with real-time road condition.

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