Hyundai elevate concept

Hyundai Elevate Concept: The walking car is here

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The walking car concept for first responders

Hyundai motor company is one of the worlds largest automotive manufacturer. The company recently unveiled the worlds first walking car - Hyundai Elevate concept at CES 2019. Hyundai calls it the Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV).

Hyundai elevate concept terrain capability
Hyundai elevate concept terrain capability

The Hyundai elevate concept is specifically designed for tackling natural disasters like Tsunami, Earthquakes, and cyclones. In the event of natural disasters, this vehicle can drive, walk and climb over any kind of terrain. The robotic legs with wheels help to tackle difficult terrains like the building debris or even steps in a building.

The first 72 hours in any natural disaster are very critical. Most of the time, the help and rescue workers get stuck mainly because of obstacles on the road. So, we need efficient and fast transportation specifically for the people who are in need of immediate medical attention.

So, Hyundai came up with new technology that blends electric vehicle and robotics in one car. This UMV has legs; so it can pass through difficult terrains. These terrains are difficult to conquer for most capable SUVs till date.

Hyundai Elevate Concept Design

The design of the vehicle is entirely done by keeping disasters in mind. The entire vehicle has a modular EV platform. Thus, you can switch to body shape according to the need of the situation.

The robotic leg architecture has five-degree freedom of movement and it also has wheel hub propulsion motors. This specific design helps to move or walk in any direction. Hence, it is capable of having movements of both mammalians and reptilians.

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