Cadilac Escalade SUV

Cadilac Escalade SUV Coming Soon With A Bang!

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2021 Cadilac Escalade SUV

Cadilac, a division of general motors, recently unveiled the 2021 Cadilac Escalade SUV. This upcoming SUV is the next level of luxury. The extraordinary design elements with bold new looks mark its presence.

Cadilac Escalade
Cadilac Escalade

In addition, this SUV also comes equipped with new technology. The 2021 Escalade is a fifth-generation model. This Escalade is built on the GMT1XX platform. And, there is no doubt that it's a game-changer SUV.

Exteriors and Interiors

First of all, the sheer scale of the Cadilac Escalade SUV is mindblowing. The sleek exteriors come next. The front new grill takes inspiration from other Cadilac cars like CT4 and 5. Furthermore, the sleeker headlamps add to minimalistic design.

 Escalade Headlamps
Escalade Headlamps

In addition, the back sleeker tail lamps come with new enhancements like three-dimensional layers & finishes. The 22-inch wheels suit perfectly to its exteriors.

 Escalade Interiors
Cadilac Escalade SUV Interiors

Furthermore, the interiors are welcoming with a big OLED curved display. The 38" of total diagonal display acts like a dashboard giving you all the information you need. It's a 4k display with high pixel density which is actually a combination of three screens.

The 14.2' cluster display contains gauges and a 7.2' touch control panel is on the left. In the center, 16.9' infotainment screen entertains you to the fullest. The comfortable seats have more legroom. The 68% increase in cargo space creates more room for your cargo.

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