How Digital side view mirrors enhance driving safety?

What are the Digital side view mirrors?

The side view mirrors perform a key role in driver safety on the road. The Toyota Motor Corporation has introduced the digital side view mirrors in its cars. The Lexus ES is the latest car to offer these mirrors. The new Lexus ES uses cameras instead of the traditional side view mirrors.

Digital side view mirror camera
Digital side view mirror camera

Drivers need to be constantly aware of the surrounding, especially during turning and overtaking. However, the traditional side view mirrors didn’t get any major updates in the last few years. They are the neglected parts of the car. So, Lexus is taking the old technology to the next level.

How Digital side view mirrors work?

The digital side view mirrors don’t have any glass mirrors. Instead, they consist of cameras and screens. There are two rear-facing cameras that replace the traditional side view mirrors. The cameras transmit the live images to the five-inch display screens. The position of the screens is near the A-pillar. The line of sight to these cameras is the same as the traditional side view mirrors. However, the screens are inside while traditional mirrors are outside the car.

Digital side view mirror monitor

The digital side view cameras give a more detailed view of the surrounding. However, in traditional mirrors, visibility reduces due to rain and snow. On the other hand, these mirrors have a better design which doesn’t accumulate the rain or snow. Hence, the view remains unaffected. Thus, you have better visibility of the rear and greater safety.


The digital side view mirrors automatically enhance the view on the left, right or the rear. So, when the left turn indicator becomes active; it enhances the view of the left camera/screen. Similarly, these mirrors also change the angle while turning to the right or reversing.  Hence, this functionality increases the visibility of the surroundings and gives a better view to the driver.

Image enhancement
Image enhancement

Digital cameras require less space. Hence, these mirrors do not block visibility as well. The small size of the mirrors also helps to enhance the aerodynamics. Hence, very minimal air resistance.

Furthermore, the driver can enhance the view around the car manually. So, the driver becomes more aware of the car’s surroundings than ever before. The cameras keep working in adverse weather conditions and in the low-light conditions. Thus, they provide better visibility.

Image courtesy: Lexus Video courtesy: Alpha SQUAD official.

Watch the Digital side view mirrors in action:

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